Life Map Past Lives Present Life a Podcast by Toni Reilly

Welcome welcome welcome I’m Toni Reilly and I am so happy you’re here listening on the very first episode  of Life Map so for starters I just want to share with you my intentions for the podcast… I am sooooo excited to finally share with you my two decades of confidential therapy files, my observations and research on people… I LOVE People!

Being the very first episode I better tell you a little bit about me…

I am known as Australia’s #1 Regression Specialist and I’m the creator of SoulLife Therapy which I believe is the psychology of NOW… I am also a best selling author…

because I have been working with clients and teaching therapists for two decades, I have thousands of past life case studies …. so this will be an area we will focus on extensively in LifeMap  – you’ll get to get inside usually highly confidential sessions to identify understand and heal trauma. 

But believe me it’s not always traumatic…

Recall regression is so so much more…. we will explore it’s miraculous capacity week by week on LIFE MAP

IT WAS my fascination with 

why are we here


why are we the way that we are….

why do we do what we do???

these questions are what started me researching PEOPLE – I became obsessed!

I was led to guiding people to recall their past life memories I have made observations.  

Tonnes of them! 

The therapeutic miracles from Past life therapy is a big focus of Life Map so I’ll often regress someone then have a candid conversation with them about their past life experience and breakdown the current life issues or symptoms it that were addressed and healed.

by demonstrating in day to day terms through everyday experiences we expose the metaphysical reason behind…. our circumstances, our personality, our hangups, our health, our appearance…

Each person I have a conversation with I’ll explain their personal life map …  that way you’ll get to learn about what your own life mission is… Did you know your life is mapped out?

Life Map is here to help you heal so you can LIKE or even LOVE yourself despite your stuff! Personal development does not have to be serious, we can laugh, sometimes our stuff is funny, really it is. Like when I was in a counselling course and I realised I was a control freak and so was the girls sitting next to me… i can remember our wide eyed look at each other and we both burst out laughing.

We explore the how and why we reincarnate together in many life times.  

I have some exciting past life connections or more so re-connection stories… which have been verified! I’ll cover mine in other episodes…

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