Our Team

The instructors at the Toni Reilly Institute are down to earth, warm hearted and are leaders in their field. Their mission is to ensure a safe place where you can open up personally to fully embrace your training.  They all have significant life stories and relatable experiences to share with you, which helps you to know you are not alone on your journey.

Toni Reilly


Toni Reilly is the founder of Toni Reilly Institue, she is an author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Therapist. Toni is the creator of SoulLife™ Coaching, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation. More here

Vanessa Brown


VANESSA BROWN is a motivational coach and inspirational counselor with more than 30 years of experience managing highly effective teams and supporting senior executives in complex corporate environments. She is a certified Intuitive Counsellor and Therapist with Toni Reilly Institute, bringing positive energy and transformational power to diverse people and organisations.

Toni Ashton


Toni Ashton studied Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). She went on to further her skills learning different modalities in Natural Therapies to complement her counselling knowledge and enhance her ability to help others.She is a brilliant numerologist and naturally gifted teacher and is highly regarded by her students.  More here

Pamela Ray


Pamela Ray developed and facilitates the SoulLife™ Intuitive Counselling components. By incorporating her wide and varied international experience, she knows how to get to the core in both training and with people. More here