Our Team

The instructors at the Toni Reilly Institute are down to earth, warm hearted and are leaders in their field. Their mission is to ensure a safe place where you can open up personally to fully embrace your training.  They all have significant life stories and relatable experiences to share with you, which helps you to know you are not alone on your journey.

Toni Reilly


Toni a life mission 5, communicator in the SoulLife® Map system is the founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she is an author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Therapist. Toni is the creator of SoulLife® Recall TherapySoulLife® Map, SoulLife® Coaching, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation. Toni hosts Life Map podcast revealing secrets that most people will never ever discover in this life or the next for healing, self-awareness, personal development and wellbeing.  More about Toni here

Coco Majstorovic


Coco a life mission 3, performer in the SoulLife® Map system is Toni Reilly’s daughter, she has been attending events and training since she was a child. Coco is a certified Past Life Regression Facilitator and SoulLife® Recall Therapist who is naturally intuitive, obsessed with self-awareness on a passionate mission to help people feel good about themselves and their lives.

Tanya Harper


Tanya a super wonder life mission 33, counsellor in the SoulLife® Map system started working with Toni Reilly more than 10 years ago. Tanya is a natural counsellor, medium and intuitive. Tanya is a certified Past Life Therapy Facilitator, Spiritual Counselor and SoulLife® Coach. She is key at our events and workshops as Toni’s assistant while providing emotional support and expert insights for our clients, students and workshop participants.

Toni Ashton


Toni a super wonder life mission 33, counsellor in the SoulLife® Map system studied Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). She went on to further her skills learning different modalities in Natural Therapies to complement her counselling knowledge and enhance her ability to help others.She is a brilliant numerologist and naturally gifted teacher and is highly regarded by her students.

Pamela Ray


Pamela Ray, a super wonder life mission 11, messenger in the SoulLife® Map system developed and facilitates the SoulLife® Intuitive Counselling components. By incorporating her wide and varied international experience, she knows how to get to the core in both training and with people. More here

With a heavy heart I let you know that my incredible beautiful mentor and friend Pamela Ray has returned home after an unexpected diagnosis of cancer in its final stages. Pamela passed in May, peacefully, in her sleep with both of her daughters by her side.

Pamela spent her life helping others. She is much loved by her daughters, friends and the thousands she touched with through her work as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Medium.

She had a huge impact on me from the moment we met we became friends.

She taught me so much and wrote and presented the Counselling component of my Diploma, which is the most incredible spiritual approach to mainstream counselling.

Pamela counseled me a long time ago through the midst of relationship turmoil. “There’s no should or shouldn’t” and that a certain aspect which I was up in arms about was “none of my business”. She gently explained to me how I was feeding energy to my situation by incessantly talking about it. My life changed, I changed for the better because of her counselling style.

My beautiful friend was always researching, and up to date with creating her natural witch potions as we called them. If anyone was unwell she had something to help.

She was generous with her heart and wisdom, an angel for many others when they were facing death. She knew what to say and how to listen to help them move through the grieving process so they were at ease when the time came to take their last breath.

Pamela was a magical visionary woman who led an incredible life, moving through hellish and tragic times and blossoming into an accepting, insightful, kind, people helping person.

We talked about death often because it is such a big part of our work. Grief and loss for those living after losing a loved one to death and those terminal preparing to return home. She was my introduction to mediumship, a brilliant medium and teacher.

I made podcasts about suicide where we discussed openly our view, a perspective that not many have about it.

Our belief systems were the same, in the knowing that home welcomes the returning soul when our body dies. 

None of this made the end less sad or scary, thankfully as she would have wanted she was not interfered with by western medicine and lived fully right to the end. I was blessed to spend quality time with her last week where we talked about this being her time. Though it came as a shock, she had a sobering truth to share… What is going on in the world becomes completely insignificant.

It’s sad not having her but in line with her wishes we must celebrate her life and the legacy she leaves behind.

I love Pamela. I miss her.