About The Toni Reilly Institute

Right now there is a global awakening and you are a part of it. It can be both exciting and a little scary at the same time. The feeling there is something greater inside of you… but not knowing what to do to nurture it.

Toni Reilly recognised there was a gap in what was offered to people on their soul searching path. Many spiritual trainings can seem to lack substance and appear to be too “out there and fluffy” to be taken seriously.

SoulLife facilitates life transforming results by smashing the perception of what a spiritual outlook is.

It is NOT fluffy.

Crystal balls are not required. Meditation and rituals are optional. It is all about tailoring to YOU and your innate personality, skills, strength and challenges.

No matter what stage of awareness you are at, the Toni Reilly Institute was founded to guide and support you on your journey.  Modern day intuition meets quality professional training to give you transformation personal growth and skills you can use to help others. You deserve only the best when it comes to embracing and achieving your highest potential. You can access training and programs to transform confidence, love, relationships and purpose so you can achieve your dreams.

The way you personally behave and react on all levels — physical, mental and emotional is the foundation of your ability to assist others (and yourself.) When used in conjunction with your deep-seated sixth sense, you will make a positive impact on those you connect with.

"Highly effective SoulLife Coaching Practitioners embrace life force of will and ego blended with the unseen senses, compassion and kindness" - Toni Reilly


Life Coaches, natural practitioners, clinical psychologist, counsellors and healers can add to or refine their skills while beginners become confident at learning to trust their intuitive senses.  Toni Reilly grants you an environment which is nurturing, fun, confidential and safe.

Over the years there has been a build-up of fear and stereotypes around intuitive studies and phenomenon, we aim to educate you and dispel them. True spirituality is being free of fear by accepting yourself and others.  We are human and living this role is crucial as well.  A healthy balance of energy and daily life is how to ‘keep it real’.

Toni Reilly created SoulLife Coaching, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation.


A few years ago I awoke to one of my frequent middle of the night insights in which I saw myself running my own school teaching people 'awareness' in a very real life way.  As I lay awake I realised I couldn't think of one place within Australia where people could learn Past Life Regression in a professional capacity. As a trained past life facilitator I knew first hand the value of this therapy and learning it within a relaxed environment.

From that night on my plans developed in new ways and turned into something bigger than was expected.  I have always been a person to naturally go with the flow and learned the valuable lesson of listening to what is within and trusting my guidance. I continued creating training and seminars to enhance a person's natural sixth senses with nurturing guidance.

My passion is to assist in opening innate intuitive senses in your own unique style, and to encourage self awareness and learning for each individual in ways that can people relate to. To help understand why we are all here, what our unique role or path is whilst staying clear and relatable in our teaching methods and terminology, hence our "keeping it real" slogan.

We are the embodiment of physical, mental and emotional and this course assists practitioners to address all levels to ensure ultimate wellbeing for themselves and their clients.  The major difference and unique way with the course is that those who graduate do so with a wealth of personal development and self-awareness.  Those who are prepared to look within and train in an experiential way make the most effective coaches and practitioners as they acquire a deep understanding of themselves allowing them to be truly accepting and non-judging of others.

We wish to appeal to those who are newly curious about self awareness as much as those who realise there is much more to our wonderful existence.

Keep it real!




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