About Toni Reilly Institute

Right now there is a global awakening and you are a part of it.


Do you have a feeling there is something greater inside of you… but are unsure of how to access it?  Toni Reilly offers an advanced personal soul searching experience to explore yourself. Many spiritual workshops or sessions are not taken seriously, seeming to lack substance and appear, out there and fluffy.


SoulLife® techniques facilitate life transforming results


The Toni Reilly Institute was founded to guide your awareness experience. Professional training integrated with modern day intuition are combined, to facilitate personal growth. Our programs help overcome your emotional bruises, which inspires your purpose, confidence, love and healthy relationships. Along your journey, self-awareness is the reward.


The Toni Reilly Institute offers training programs, for personal and professional development.  Our programs evolve your abilities, as a clinical psychologist, counsellor, life coach, wellbeing practitioner or healer.


Our programs for personal development transform you through the discovery of your soul and development of your sixth sense.


Toni Reilly provides a nurturing, fun, confidential and safe environment.


Over the years there has been a build-up of fear and stereotypes around intuitive studies and phenomenon. We aim to dispel these views, through education. A healthy balance of energy and daily life is how to ‘keep it real’. Toni Reilly created SoulLife® Coaching, Mentoring, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation.


“Highly effective SoulLife® Coaching practitioners embrace life force of will and ego, blending intuitive senses, compassion and kindness”