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3 Surprising Reasons Why You Feel So Stressed

Stress and anxiety affects all of us at times and believe it or not there is a purpose to it.  I created this free video series to share with you 3 Surprising Reasons You Feel So Stressed and how to eliminate it with my easy gentle intuitive techniques that make symptoms disappear so that you can reclaim your personal power and confidence.   


I’m privileged that the significant teachers through my life, including yourself

Thank you very much Toni for contributing so very much to the wonderful productive week I enjoyed in Melbourne attending the “SoulLife” Past Life Regression facilitator training. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting yourself and Vicki and the other course participants. The course content was excellent, fully informative, and experiential, with your experience and “tips” really helpful. Your style of keeping it (the work) real and accessible, plus the absence of a dogmatic approach and your holding a broad view of spiritual life that incorporated the multi-dimensional perspectives of all the attendees was valued and appreciated.  I thoroughly enjoy the good natured, confident way you are bringing this work it into the world and making it accessible.  I’m privileged that the significant teachers through my life, including yourself, have all being somewhat pioneers in their fields, doing it their way, ahead of their time, as the saying goes.  This is inspirational for me.

David, New Zealand
My empowerment is growing stronger constantly

One of the things I enjoyed about working with Toni was her natural and down to earth approach with emphasis on using ones own intuition. My biggest problem was self confidence. Toni made me aware of my abilities and potential. My life has changed and is still changing and I am more aware of my strengths and talents. My empowerment is growing stronger constantly. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Toni I would advise you to grab it with both hands, it will change your life and you would have gained a wonderful mentor and friend.

Patricia, Melbourne
The course was life changing for me

The course was life changing for me as I now understand why somethings are so important to me in this life. Toni and you are such energetic ladies who fill the room with love making participants feel safe. The course is intenese with such great energy with makes learning fun and enjoyable. The practice is such a great way to learn in a safe environment. I'm so looking forward to putting my learning into practice. I have Toni Reilly and Vanessa Brown to thank. All my love Cynamon xxx

Cynamon, Brisbane
You inspire me.

Hey Toni Thank you for everything last week. For your elegance, your wisdom and your beautiful nature. It was such a pleasure to finally meet the beautiful soul that I honestly knew I would connect with. I go so much more out of the course that I ever expected. Plus I got the messages I needed and my doubt in my message or my purpose is now resolved. I really respect where you are going and look up to you for the bravery of how far you have come. You are an example of where I want to go and how I want to be known. You inspire me. I already miss your great smile and your fabulous taste in music. lol. I know we will cross paths again and I do believe we will work together in some capacity in the future. But only time will tell. All the best with your corporate work, I know it will be a big hit. With Ness at your side, I believe you will be unstoppable. Take care of you, and please stay in touch…………….and don’t change a thing.

Andrew, Sydney
A truly life changing, life saving experience!

A truly life changing, life saving experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to learn from the best. I feel incredibly blessed to have had such an awesome experience that I now get to share with others to help and support them, thank you. To Toni R, Pamela, Vanessa and Toni A, I have learned more about myself in one week than ever before, and therefore, has allowed me to see who I truly am and can be - words cannot thank you enough for this amazing gift. Your intuition, insights, knowledge and honesty are extraordinary and I will always treasure this moment in my life. I have been able to make extraordinary connections with exceptional people who I engaged with throughout this time - the practice and the theory were intense which only made our energy stronger and the learning more invaluable.

Jacqui, Brisbane
Then I met you Toni Reilly, and you were a breathe of fresh air.

I have met a lot of 'Spiritual Gurus', attended many courses and thought I can never be spiritual, I eat meat, I drink alcohol, can be judgmental and just plain mental at times and was not filled with love and light. Oh and I know a lot of swear worlds. Then I met you Toni Reilly, and you were a breathe of fresh air.

Lyn Watson, Sydney
I found Toni to be so open and approachable, fun and professional.

I found Toni to be so open and approachable, fun and professional. I'm one who tends to sit quietly while others ask the questions but with Toni I found I overcame any fear around asking questions. Toni's teaching kept an awareness around keeping those things we tend to want to complicate, simple. I had challenges/ issues with confidence and self trust. I would question myself in having the skills enough to help others. And I lacked confidence in speaking out in front of others. Toni's very kind, fun and knowledgeable nature as a teacher and mentor helped me to recognize that with my own skills and those I have learned from Toni's experiential classes I was able to move forward with confidence and trust in my ability to be of service to others. I also no longer have the fear of talking in front of others (groups), Happily running meditation groups etc. Life has improved for me in the way of staying more in the 'flow' of life. Confident to share my knowledge knowing that sharing what I have been taught by Toni and my own life experiences can and does help others, as I remember Toni's teaching of keeping things simple and true. I would wholeheartedly say yes to anyone thinking of working with Toni as I know from my experience with Toni that they would take away experiential knowledge and self growth/ spiritual expansion benefitting themselves and others they may go on to work with. Toni's approach and belief in the modalities she uses and teaches is very fun, heartfelt, forthright and professional. I feel very blessed to have worked with Toni on a number of occasions. 🏻 All Blessings

Gayle, Melbourne
I have never met someone with a personality so ‘effervescent’ as Toni

1. What is the one thing you like most about working with me? One thing I like most about working with Toni ? Now that’s just plain ridiculous for me to narrow it down to one thing. What can one say about a well-rounded, highly gifted soul, who is here to work with other humans who wish to aspire to greater spiritual heights during this Earth journey? I have never met someone with a personality so ‘effervescent’ as Toni. What an amazing human being, drawing similar energies from similar-minded people to bring them together to share their spiritual journey and brighten this troubled Earth. 2. What were some of the issues/challenges/problems you had before we started working together? I knew I wanted to learn more about and if possible, practice Regression, but I did not know where to begin. Previous experiences during group sessions with world renowned Brian Weiss (whom I idolised, until I met Toni Reilly!!) and a regression therapist I met briefly at a Mind Body Soul Expo, just did not cut it! I had tried using various Regression CD’s with guided sessions, but I guess my biggest problem was my fear of the unknown – what if I went back to another lifetime and couldn’t bring myself back ?! After I had a Regression session with Toni, I knew that this was more than just a curiosity about Regression - past, present and future. When I heard Toni had developed an accredited diploma course in Soul Life Psychology, I couldn’t wait to begin my spiritual journey of learning 3. How did I help you overcome those issues/challenges/problems? Toni, through her teachings and sharing of valuable experiences, helped me overcome this fear. Whilst working with Toni, her intuitive counselling and encouragement – ‘Lynn, you’re a natural at it’ gave me immense confidence. I’ve known for over ten years that I am intuitive, but was terribly confused as to what modality of healing I should develop. By the time I finished working with Toni, she had helped me overcome my lack of confidence in my spiritual intuitiveness; she enabled me believe in myself and to trust my ‘gut’. She has such an easy disposition and no question was too stupid to ask’. Through her guidance and Soul Life card readings, was able to help me narrow down my healing therapy options. Toni still continues to guide me when I am searching for other opportunities that could further develop my spiritual journey. 4. In what ways is life better after working with me? Can you give a specific example? Since working with Toni, I am far more in tune with my intuitive and spiritual side. I have further developed my spiritual awareness where I have taken lessons from previous lifetimes that were identified through past life regression, to help me overcome fears or phobias. Through an experiential learning from a ‘between-lives’ regression session, I have discovered my ‘soul group’ and important messages that I can receive from my Spirit Guide/Soul Guide that guides me through my spiritual journey in this current Earth lifetime. Through her teachings of Numerology, I discovered my Birth Chart and Life Purpose. Toni has given me clarity on what I need to do to fulfil my life purpose - to help others through my healing and creative energy and intuitive gifts in service of others. I have grown exponentially as a human being but more importantly as a spiritual being – an old soul who has been a ‘healer’ in many lifetimes, but was unaware of this until I met Toni and worked under her guidance, mentoring, and intuitive counselling. It is extremely difficult to give a specific example of how life has changed after working with Toni. There are too many to count. Every day, I am grateful to Toni and for the universal energy and synchronicity that brought her into my life path. She has been inspirational beyond words! 5. What would you say to someone thinking about working with me? Don’t even think twice about working with Toni! I am in awe of her - such professionalism as a practitioner, blended with genuineness, sincerity, trustworthiness; she puts you at ease from the onset; she is fair to each and every person she works with (or in the group), with her time and questions; she has the ability to draw one out of their shell, without one feeling any awkwardness. She gets you to tap into your own inner self and energy and to draw from those experiences to move forward to heal any physical or emotional blockages you may have. 6. Are there any other comments or thoughts you’d like to share Whether you choose to experience a past/current or in between life regression session with Toni or to learn from her Diploma of Soul Life Psychology course or other Workshops or Seminars she conducts, the opportunity to experience/learn from the ‘Best of the Best’ should not be missed! Your life will be enriched, just by having met and experienced Toni Reilly !

Lyn, Melbourne