A better future can be found in your past… to heal emotional physical and mental symptoms.

Get certified in SoulLife® Recall Therapy online with live classroom




My 11 step process reveals how a better future can be found in your past… by revealing secrets that most people may never discover… live your best life NOW!

Welcome to the home of Toni Reilly Australia’s #1 Past Life Regression Specialist and creator of SoulLife® Recall Therapy, the psychology of  NOW and the most powerful, transformational process in existence. No band-aids, we FIX your symptom for good. 

Are you Drawn to Help People But Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Have you have always known that you’re here to make a difference and are finally ready to get out of your comfort zone? I am here to help you. Uncovering your mission is personal – but you don’t have to do it alone.


SoulLife® Recall Certification Training Programs and Mentoring for professional and personal development and wellbeing ensure lightbulb moments, the kind that changes you forever.  They boost your confidence and transform self-doubt and fear into your strengths, so you can get on with making a difference in helping people.


Embrace the real life experience you have gained here at the school of life… these experiences form your most valuable assets!  And while you’re at it, clear out self-defeating views that you should help for free, transform self-doubt and boost your confidence… That way you become an empowered facilitator of the most powerful process for transformational healing and wellbeing that works!


You’ll be ready to impact lives while abundantly living your purpose.


First things first, you have to know, like and trust yourself so that you don’t place your stuff on others. While it is more than okay to be messy, and a work in progress, you just need to be aware of it. That’s the beauty of this training, you grow as a person during the process of getting certified!