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Perhaps you have always known you’re here to make a difference and are finally ready to get out of your safety zone? Imagine being in this same place in 5 years time? When we don’t take decisive action things get harder, not easier.

I am here to help you. Uncovering your mission is personal – but you don’t have to do it alone.

SoulLife® Programs and Mentoring for professional and personal wellbeing ensure lightbulb moments, the kind that changes you forever.  They boost your confidence and transform self-doubt and fear into your strengths, so you can get on with making a difference helping people (while making money).

Embrace real life s**t that has happened and everything you have learned in the school of life… these are your most valuable assets!  And while you’re at it, clear out self-defeating views that you should help for free, out of obligation or because you are a good person … that way you become an empowered facilitator of the most powerful process for transformational well-being that works!

You’ll be ready to impact lives while abundantly living your purpose.

I founded the Toni Reilly Institute to teach modern intuitive concepts in a way that normalises the metaphysical and embraces our innate nature in a way that people can relate.

Many metaphysical or intuitive training can seem to lack substance or appear to be too out there or fluffy to be taken seriously. We needed certification to bring respect and credibility to our skillful use of energy so our techniques and processes are acknowledged for their miraculous healing properties.

Join me in the revolution to mainstream these ways to transform, coach, counsel and heal.

No more ‘new age’ or ‘woo woo‘ which undermines us and what we can do for ourselves and others.

We are intuitive, we are freaking awesome, kind everyday people, not crazy nutters.

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Are you Drawn to Help People

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What People Say About Training With Toni


I began the SoulLife Recall Regression course with excitement and determination!  Thanks to Toni’s leadership, I did not lose that excitement or determination for one minute.  The course was structured so you could leave if you wish and come back. Or you could plough through like I did because I was so engrossed in the content.  Learning Soul Regression was the highlight of my day, and I would stay late at my office, just so I could do a lesson.

All the history was given at the beginning to give the students a base and background to begin from.  The lessons were in order by content that was in line with the regression process.  The information given was so riveting and the lessons were so intense, but I never once thought I was in over my head.  That was because we had so many resources to support us.

Toni had a Facebook Group for questions and feedback from myself and others so that we could learn together.  The Lessons often had homework, however, it was never daunting, it was just right.  We had many resources in the course to support our learning.  Lessons are all downloadable for our future use if we get stuck or cannot remember something.

We were provided regression “music” to download for the future and a case study form.  When we submitted our case studies, they were looked over and Toni offered positive suggestions that supported our future work.

Karen W


It was amazing doing the online SoulLife Recall Regression Certificate with Toni who is such a leader in this field. I love that Toni has a really unique spiritual approach to the process that lets each person’s soul guide them to where they need to go and the messages they need to hear.

By experiencing my own Regression I found out just how powerful it can be in helping you to understand yourself and where you come from and even heal issues in this life you had no idea was grounded in a past life. In fact, I learned so much about my own soul journey through doing this course.

The information in the lessons was easy to follow and Toni was always so accessible to give me her feedback and support. She is such a wonderful teacher and her warmth and positivity gave me the confidence to do my own practice sessions and feel guided at each step of the process.

I was amazed that I went from someone who had never worked as a healer or therapist to feeling confident that I had all the resources and awareness I needed to guide others through what can be a deeply emotional and even life-changing experience. I really recommend the course to anyone, even people like myself who would like to help people transform their lives but have no formal training in the area.

Regression is such a powerful tool and I was so grateful to learn it from Toni who has so many years of experience teaching this technique and all it’s benefits to others.

Janice H


I’ve known for over ten years that I am intuitive but was terribly confused as to what modality of healing I should develop.  By the time I finished working with Toni, she had helped me overcome my lack of confidence in my spiritual intuitiveness; she enabled me to believe in myself and to trust my ‘gut’.

I knew I wanted to learn more about and if possible, practice Regression, but I did not know where to begin. Previous experiences during group sessions with world-renowned Dr. Brian Weiss (whom I idolised until I met Toni Reilly!!) and a regression therapist I met briefly at a Mind Body Soul Expo, just did not cut it! I had tried using various Regression CD’s with guided sessions, but I guess my biggest problem was my fear of the unknown – what if I went back to another lifetime and couldn’t bring myself back?!

After I had a Regression session with Toni, I knew that this was more than just a curiosity about Regression – past, present and future. When I heard Toni had developed an accredited certificate course in SoulLife Recall Regression, I couldn’t wait to begin my spiritual journey of learning!

Since working with Toni, I have grown exponentially as a human being but more importantly, as a spiritual being, I am far more in tune with my intuitive and spiritual side.  I have further developed my spiritual awareness where I have taken lessons from previous lifetimes that were identified through past life regression, to help me overcome fears or phobias that allow me to get on with helping more people!  

Lynn B

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