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SoulLife® Recall
60 minute session

Recall is the psychology of NOW. Experience past life regression. Recall core memories that have impacted you, from childhood, past lives, or visit the in-between realm. Discover a profound insight into your life and the reason why you are here. You may connect with a passed over loved one. The process is natural, non-invasive, and highly effective at clearing emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms and trauma. Live with purpose, feeling empowered, lighter, more aware. Transform self-doubt into confidence, evolve grief into personal strength, diminish heartache and find contentment and personal freedom.


SoulLife® Map – Your Life Mission Master Plan
60 minute consultation

Discover your nature the parts of your psyche that you can not change and are your power house in life. Uncover what has been nurtured, therefore possible to transform. Your capacity and potential for a career most suited to you. Make your Relationships easy or attract ones that work perfectly for you. Learn what your mission and direction is in life. We use our highly attuned intuition to make this consultation all about making your life better. Especially helpful when you’re lacking direction or feel somehow ‘blocked‘. You may ask specific questions.  More here


SoulLife® Mentoring | Coaching Program
6 session program

Personalised and tailored to hone your intuition, enhance confidence, clarify direction, get through a tumultuous period, reclaim your identity and love who you are and live in the capacity of your life’s mission. If you are ready to get your healing business up and running Toni has two decades of knowledge and experience to share and prepare you. More here


All sessions are conducted on Zoom.

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Toni Reilly is Australia’s leading past life regression specialist and the creator of SoulLife® Recall Therapy, Training, Workshops and Certification Programs.

Tanya Harper is a counsellor, medium and intuitive. Tanya is certified in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall, Spiritual Counselling and SoulLife® Coaching.

Coco is Toni’s daughter, naturally intuitive with certification in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall therapy and SoulLife® Map.


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