SoulLife® Sessions

SoulLife® Recall

60 minute session

SoulLife® Recall is Dr Toni’s visionary hybrid therapy. To heal emotional, physical and emotional symptoms.

Choose a focus

  • Past Life Regression
  • In Between Lives
  • Current Life
  • Reconnection (with a deceased loved one)

A session will transform your self-belief, self-worth, and confidence. Breakthrough disempowering personal blocks, emotional bruises, physical symptoms, fears, and phobias.

Personal Blocks

  • self doubt
  • lack of confidence
  • guilt
  • responsibility (for others)
  • feeling invisible, disempowered or victimized
  • not feeling good enough (imposter syndrome)
  • comparing yourself to others
  • procrastination
  • confusion
  • repeating patterns
  • mental health

Emotional Bruises

  • abandonment
  • betrayal
  • rejection
  • shame

Physical Symptoms

  • anxiety
  • migraine headaches
  • back pain
  • “dead legs”
  • stabbing pain
  • weight gain or loss
  • eczema and skin conditions

Fears and Phobias 

  • drowning, heights, flying, lifts
  • claustrophobia
  • speaking in public

Variations Possible

  • past life regression
  • a passed over loved one appearing to deliver a message  
  • glimpses into the future
  • earlier in current life 
  • visiting between lives where we prepare for incarnation
  • visiting home (nirvana, heaven), for the most potent natural medicine.

Experiencing a recall session changes you, it is magic! We always say Regress to progress!

Online or In person
Globally available via Zoom

Toni AU$550 | GBP£360 | US$550
Coco AU$280GBP£180US$220
Tanya AU$360 | GBP£200 | US$360

Life Map – Your Life Mission Master Plan

60-minute consultation

Includes a comprehensive PDF report of your Life Mission Master Plan.

  • Discover your life mission and understand your life’s purpose.
  • Outlines your inherent nature, the parts of your psyche that you can not change (these are your powerhouse strengths).
  • Uncover what has been nurtured, therefore possible to transform.
  • We spell out your capacity and potential for the career and direction most suited to you.
  • Make your Relationships easy or attract ones that work with you.
  • Our highly attuned intuition and ability to decipher your Life Map make this consultation all about improving your life.
  • Especially helpful when you’re lacking direction or feel somehow ‘blocked‘.
  • You may ask specific questions or request to focus on specific areas of your life.

Online or In person
Globally available via Zoom

Toni AU$550 | GBP£360 | US$550
Coco AU$280GBP£180US$220
Tanya AU$360 | GBP£200 | US$360

SoulLife® Coaching

6 fortnightly 60-minute sessions

A personalised therapeutic program incorporating a combination of our specialised modalities and processes with recall therapy, life map numerology, intuitive counselling, coaching, mentoring and intuitive guidance.

Toni’s Specialties
Heartbreak and Grief Relief
Men’s Mental Health
Neurodivergent Adults and Teens
Awareness Acceleration (Self and intuition)

Fee AU$2997 | GBP£1700 | US$2997

Coco’s Specialties
Professional and Elite Athlete Performance Excellence
GenZ Mind Management (mental health)
Neurodivergent Anxiety

Fee AU$1400 | GBP£880US$1100

Tanya’s Specialties
Children and Teen Anxiety
Self-doubt and Confidence
Intuition and Spiritual development

Fee AU$1497 | GBP£850 | US$1497

We find a time that suits you

Globally Online or In person

See the individual fee per therapist

Life Map Coaching Program

This year is a great time to take stock of what’s truly important in our lives, allowing us to slow down and reflect on the year behind us and plan for the year ahead.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take anything for granted and being in the driver’s seat when it comes to what we would like our future Life Map to look like can be transformational.

If you would like guidance on optimising key aspects of your life, body, mind and soul and be equipped with short and long-term goals for the year, then let’s work together.


We will focus on these aspects of your life map:

  • Work + Career
  • Wealth + Finances
  • Health + Happiness
  • Love + Partners
  • Family + Friends
  • Self Development + Education
  • Contribution + Connection
  • Purpose + Mission


We’ll work through a process that includes the following:

  1. Where are you now (Current Life Map)
  2. Where do you want to be (Future Life Map)
  3. Create a clear plan on how to achieve your ideal Life Map goals in 2023
  4. Coaching to achieve your Life Map mission
  5. Soul work to clear emotional debris and reset you


You’ll experience profound breakthroughs and be empowered to remove any blocks that may have been holding you back.

You’ll move forward with more confidence and ease across every aspect of your life.

Work one on one with me and work through this powerful Life Map review and reset process, embracing all that 2023 has to offer.



  • 12 week program
  • 6 x fortnightly 90-minute breakthrough sessions
  • Tasks to complete in-between sessions


At a time and date that suits you.

Online or In person
Globally on Zoom or In person 

AU$4950 | GBP£2750 | US$4950

available as 2 monthly instalments

Toni Reilly is Australia’s leading past life and reincarnation specialist for two decades. Originally trained by Dr Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives Many Masters, Toni developed SoulLife® Recall Therapy, and Life Map a system to outline one’s life mission. She created SoulLife® Coaching Training, Workshops and Certification Programs. Her focus is on teaching next-generation therapists as SoulLife® Coaches her new paradigm in psychology. Toni is highly intuitive and trained at Arthur Findlay College in the UK. She is passionate about supporting heartbroken and grieving men, and those who feel like they do not fit in or lack, confidence or direction.

Limited sessions and coaching programs are available in person in Brisbane Australia or globally on Zoom.

Coco Majstorovic is an instructor and therapeutic coach at the Toni Reilly Institute. She is certified in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall therapy and SoulLife® Coaching. She has trained in Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in London. She developed her own intuitive session to assist with all possible speed bumps in life. Her mission is to help you to understand yourself. Coco is passionate about supporting professional athletes and normalising mental health and well-being among the younger generations.

Available in person in the UK or globally on Zoom.

Tanya Harper is a facilitator and therapeutic coach at the Toni Reilly Institute. She is a certified SoulLife® Coach experienced in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall, Life Maps and Spiritual Counselling. Tanya has worked alongside Toni for two decades. She has trained in Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in London. Tanya is highly intuitive and a natural healer who loves helping people overcome self-doubt and assisting young people in understanding their capacity and improving their mental health.

Available globally via Zoom.


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