Consultations & Coaching

SoulLife® Recall Therapy

SoulLife® Recall is Dr Toni Reilly’s visionary spiritual psychology hybrid modality. A recall session is a transcendent (out of body) session to heal emotional, physical and mental symptoms. It is gentle, natural and soul-led transformation that makes your life better!


Recall | Past Life Regression
You are guided to remember your past lives that are relevant to release blocks, heal fears, pain or phobias. Exploring past lives is a phenomenal, empowering, healing experience.

Recall | In Between Lives

A transcendent out-of-body experience to visit where your soul planned this life. Connect with your soul family. This session often results in a miraculous recovery from illness.

Recall | Reconnection

Visit your loved one in the afterlife and feel their energetic presence again. This connection between you and them is a beautiful, heartfelt experience to release grief or just check in with them.

SoulLife® Life Map

This session outlines your life purpose and mission. This cheat sheet will uplift and guide you with direction, breaking patterns, or when feeling stressed or ‘blocked‘. Have your questions answered with our highly attuned intuition.

  • Uncover your powerhouse strengths and inherent nature.
  • Discover your capacity and potential for career direction.
  • Improve your Relationships.
  • Includes a comprehensive PDF of your Life Mission Master Plan.

SoulLife® Coaching Program

A personalised therapeutic program incorporating a combination of our specialised modalities and processes with recall therapy, life map numerology, intuitive counselling, coaching, mentoring and intuitive guidance. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly breakthrough sessions

Healing and Empowerment
Grief and Heartbreak
Self-doubt Confidence Self-worth Belief
Men’s Mental Health
Intuition and Spiritual Development
Professional and Elite Athlete Performance Excellence
GenZ Mind Management (mental health)

Begin by booking 2 for 3 sessions with your preferred therapist.


Single Consultations are 60-90 minutes.

3 for 2 Consultations are personalised to your requirements.
Example: 3 Past Life Regressions OR Past Life Regression, Between Life and a Life Map session.

*Pay in four with Paypal.

All sessions are recorded and emailed to you.

Globally available via Zoom.

To help decide get in touch. We are here to help.

Dr. Toni Reilly

Dr. Toni Reilly is Australia’s leading past life and reincarnation and afterlife specialist. Trained by Dr Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives Many Masters, she honed her intuition and mediumship skills at Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Toni developed SoulLife® Recall Therapy, and Life Map a system to outline one’s life mission. She created SoulLife® Coaching Spiritual Psychology, Workshops and Certification Programs. Her doctorate in Divinity supports her visionary techniques, resources and teachings. Dr. Toni’s driving force is to bridge the gap between soul existence and the human experience so that we can live life to the fullest in the most down-to-earth way.

Single AU$550 | 3 for 2  AU$1100 

Coco Majic

Coco Majstorovic is an instructor and therapeutic coach at the Toni Reilly Institute. She is certified in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall therapy and SoulLife® Coaching. She earned a diploma in Metaphysics and developed her inherent mediumship ability at Arthur Findlay College in London. Coco developed Majic healing to assist with the speed bumps in life. Coco is Dr Toni Reilly’s daughter and natural protege. Coco is passionate about supporting professional athletes and normalising mental health and well-being among our younger generations.

Single AU$280 | 3 for 2  AU$560

Dr. Tanya Harper

Dr. Tanya Harper is a facilitator and therapeutic coach at the Toni Reilly Institute. She is a certified SoulLife® Coach experienced in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall, Life Maps and Spiritual Counselling. Dr. Tanya has worked alongside Toni for two decades. She trained in Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in London. Her doctorate in divinity supports her highly intuitive natural healing energy. Dr. Tanya Harper is passionate about helping people overcome self-doubt and assisting young people in embracing their sensitivity and improving mental health.

Single AU$360 |  3 for 2  AU$720

Tips To Prepare for A Recall Session

  1. OPEN EXPECTATIONS Give up any ideas you have about what the session will be like. They do not always run like textbook or are rarely what think it will be like.
  2. LET GO of preconceived ideas you may have about past life regression or reincarnation. It will be different to how you think as the experience is difficult to describe and is an individual experience, so no one session is the same as another.
  3. SENSES what is recalled comes to you via your clairsenses, meaning you may see, hear, just know, or feel physical symptoms and emotions like you’re there. We won’t know how it comes to you until you’re in there so it is best to relax and allow it all to unfold. It’s wonderful!
  4. TRUST That what comes to you is meaningful. All thoughts, feelings or visions will all play a part in bringing to your awareness exactly what you need the most at this stage of your mission in life.
  5. RELAX The most important thing is that you are relaxed, recalling past lives is not your imagination, it is information delivered to you by your soul. Your soul planned this incarnation and knows exactly what you will benefit from at the time of your session.

Self awareness is the ultimate activism