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SoulLife® Recall
60 minute session

SoulLife® Recall is Toni’s hybrid version of what began as past life regression therapy. These sessions heighten self belief, self worth and confidence. Breakthrough disempowering personal blocks, emotional bruises, physical symptoms, fears, and phobias

Regression is progression… Own your past so it stops owning you.

Personal Blocks

  • self doubt
  • lack of confidence
  • guilt
  • responsibility (for others)
  • feeling invisible, disempowered or victimized
  • not feeling good enough (imposter syndrome)
  • comparing yourself to others
  • procrastination
  • confusion
  • repeating patterns
  • mental health

Emotional Bruises

  • abandonment
  • betrayal
  • rejection
  • shame

Physical Symptoms

  • anxiety
  • migraine headaches
  • back pain
  • “dead legs”
  • stabbing pain
  • weight gain or loss
  • eczema and skin conditions

Fears and Phobias 

  • drowning, heights, flying, lifts
  • claustrophobia
  • speaking in public

Variations Possible

  • past life regression
  • a passed over loved one appearing to deliver a message  
  • glimpses into the future
  • earlier in current life 
  • visiting between lives where we prepare for incarnation
  • visiting home (nirvana, heaven), for the most potent natural medicine.

SoulLife® Map – Your Life Mission Master Plan
60 minute consultation

Discover your life mission and understand your life’s purpose. Discover your innate nature, the parts of your psyche that you can not change (these are your powerhouse strengths). Uncover what has been nurtured, therefore possible to transform. We spell out your capacity and potential for the career and direction most suited to you. Make your Relationships easy or attract ones that work with you.  Use our highly attuned intuition and ability to decipher your life map makes this consultation all about making your life better. Especially helpful when you’re lacking direction or feel somehow ‘blocked‘. You can ask specific questions or request to focus on certain areas of your life.  More here.


SoulLife® Mentoring | Coaching
60 minute session *also available as a 6 session program

Life mission mentoring personalised to your life’s purpose. Whether it is to hone your intuition, enhance confidence, clarify direction, get through a tumultuous period, reclaim your identity, and love who you are so you can live life feeling calm, free and empowered OR if you are ready to get your healing business up and running Toni has two decades of knowledge and experience to share and prepare you. Best to book a call to discuss where you’re at and your desired outcomes.

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Toni Reilly is Australia’s leading past life regression specialist and the creator of SoulLife® Recall Therapy, Training, Workshops and Certification Programs.

Tanya Harper is a psychic, medium, a certified SoulLife® Coach experienced in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall, Life Maps and Spiritual Counselling.

Coco is highly intuitive she is a certified SoulLife® Coach with experience in Past Life Regression, SoulLife® Recall therapy, and Life Maps.


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