Are You A Life Path 3?

Life Path 3 – The Performerlifepath3

Number 3’s are here to create and learn creative expression. They have a youthful, childlike energy and love to have fun. 

Their challenge is to say what they really mean, by communicating their inner most feelings. They are learning to express themselves clearly. 

Life path 3’s turning point happens when they trust themselves and their ideas.

When number 3’s master expressing their desires, ideas and emotions, their creativity will flow. Life will demand and provide circumstances so they have an outlet for their expression.

Innate Traits

Creative, joyful, fun, connects well with children and animals, social, optimistic, humour, sensitive, artistic, magnetic, friendly, open, witty, intelligent, ideas, jack of all trades, young at heart, freedom lover, sensual, entertainer.


Procrastination, scattered energy, scattered talents, anxiety, depression, childhood wounds, adrenal fatigue, self doubt, critical of self and others, negative, pessimistic, irresponsible, too serious, eternal child.


Find your life path number by adding your entire birthdate together.
My DOB 22/01/1971 : 2+2+1+1+9+7+1 = 23 : 2+3 = 5

If you add up to 11, 22 or 33 you leave it as the double number. They are known as master numbers. Yes, this means you are a bit special! You have a role in life which can potentially impact others, and you can wield this power positively or negatively at yourself and others.

Check here for other number meanings.

Toni x

Excerpt from SoulLife® Coach Diploma |


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