Are You A Life Path 22?

Life Path 22 – The Master

The life of a 22 is of building for humanity. Building a nurturing environment or system for others. They master working on their own internal turmoil to balance conflicting beliefs and values.

22’s are learning to balance responsibility and co-operation in order to achieve strong foundations and working in teams to bring their vision forward.

The challenge is to put steps in place and avoid shortcuts in achieving their dreams and goals.


Innate Traits

Mothering instincts, works well with children, inspirational, nurturing, heightened sensitivity, highly intuitive, clear thinking, planners, stable, reliable, analytical, sensitive, caring, high ideals, work well in groups.


Health issues, follow through with plans, laziness, scattered energies, resentment, withdrawal, over co-operation, continua; crisis, out of control emotions, panic, over-giving, stubborn, accidents.


Find your life path number by adding your entire date of birth together.

My DOB 22/01/1971
2+2+1+1+9+7+1 = 23
2+3 = 5

If you add up to 11, 22 or 33 you leave it as the double number. They are known as master numbers. Yes, this means you are a bit special!

Check here for other number meanings.

Excerpt from SoulLife® Coach Diploma |


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