What Is SoulLife Recall Regression? 

Published April 2019, Holistic Bliss Magazine

SoulLife Recall Regression is a non-invasive, gentle healing technique which accesses the sub-conscious through a relaxed meditative state which emphasises self-awareness as a means to powerful and lasting recovery.  


When I began regressing my clients twelve years ago, I always centered around past life exploration.  Over the years it all shifted organically, to include other variations as well.  Those variations included: 

* a passed over loved one appearing to communicate   

* glimpses into the future 

* recall to earlier in the current life  

* a visit to the between life phase where we prepare for an incarnation 

* or a visit home, the most powerful space of all producing a powerful and potent natural medicine elicited from pure energy 


These variations are why I call my hybrid version of past life regression, SoulLife Recall Regression. 


This completely natural process facilitates communication with our Soul.  Our soul has the answers to every question we are curious about.  


SRR facilities discovery of information needed to free ourselves from emotional, physical and mental symptoms. 


The individuals’ soul reveals what they need, to become aware of to invoke the precise prescription of knowledge and understanding required to answer their questions or relieve them of symptoms. 

[Text Wrapping Break]Recalling memories is not about dredging up the past, they actually hold profound knowledge of core experiences.  This sets the starting point to unravel what we do and why, in relation to behaviours, fears, phobias even patterns in relationships that can plague our lives.  


Discovering that we chose to come and incarnate on earth brings relief and helps to identify as being a volunteer, willingly participating, rather than as a helpless victim. 


Catharsis reveals the purpose of pain and trauma at the core and healing occurs when that knowledge comes into conscious awareness.  


Regression is never to berate anyone for acts from previous incarnations.  By acquiring insight of who we have been and what we have experienced in the past empowers us to use that knowledge and comprehend aspects of the person we are today. 


This therapy transforms ideals, establishing a new upgraded perspective on personal values and beliefs by highlighting self-awareness as people step-up and take responsibility for themselves through investigation of their circumstances 



* why they ended up with these parents or  

* this health issue or  

* why they were abused 

* why they attract the same types in relationships

SRR invokes personal evolution resulting in a confident, content individual who feels in charge of their life. 



Toni Reilly is a best-selling author, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.  As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she created SoulLife® Programs and Events, guiding thousands of people worldwide to live with confidence, purpose and love. 

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