What Does it Mean to Listen to Your Intuition?

Intuition is built into all of us, it is innate speaking to us through our sixth sense.
Life runs so much smoother when you trust your intuition enough to listen to it every time.  We can be slow learners, and we will be tested by the universe until we listen to our innate guidance every time.

The dictionary defines intuition like this:-
1.  Direct perception of the truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension
2.  A fact, truth, etc., perceived in this way
3.  A keen and quick insight

I define intuition like this:-
1. Innate intangible guidance and insight for personal use
2. Truth and knowledge from the soul
3. Knowing which defies logic

The biggest challenge with development is learning to decipher between everyday thinking and intuitive messages.  Intuitive thoughts come to awareness in your head in your voice much the same as daily thoughts.  Once you are aware of what to take notice of, you can begin to listen.

If you think back there are no doubt times when your intuition was guiding you and you either listened and prospered or did not and kicked yourself.

I learn from examples so I’ll share one of my mishaps from NOT listening.

A few years ago when sitting at my computer working away I had a thought that I should back up my computer.  I kept working.  I heard that thought at least 3 times that day.  I kept working.  I was preparing for a work trip interstate and with so much to do, I just kept working.  That same night, I woke in the middle of the night with a loud thought and I was reminded once again that I should back up my computer.  I made a mental note to back up tomorrow and went back to sleep.  The next day was busy, crazy busy and I did not back up, I was all consumed with my work and being ready in time for my trip.

The next morning, I went to turn my computer on and there was my devastating ‘we told you’ reminder that I failed to listen to my guidance.  The computer did not turn on.  I plugged it, unplugged it, and kept trying the power button all to no avail.  It was time to admit defeat, my computer was dead!

The enormous reality of what I had lost started zooming through my mind, my notes, my courses, all of my contacts, emails, computer programs, my beloved music, course notes, articles, powerpoint presentations, brochures, posters and most of my business and personal life including my calendar.  My life was on that computer!  No amount of anxiety and beating myself up could bring it back either.  All I had to do was back up when I was guided to.

The eventual outcome was not as dramatic as I first thought, and I had plenty of time to think about it while I was away with no computer for the week.  I had no time to take the computer to a technician before my business trip so I made do with my iPhone for emails.  All was not lost I found an old back up which had most of my articles and other important course information. I was forced into a clean up of contacts and data.  Talk about a wake-up call.

The simple message: Listen

In a series of posts here at www.tonireilly.com.au I’ll share ways for you to develop your intuition and your sixth senses.  Senses are intangible, you cannot touch them.  Each sense and the way that you tune in will be unique to you.  There is no right or wrong way to develop, it’s important to embrace your own way.  Learn about the difference between the energies of psychic, intuition, medium and how to work with them using your life experiences, knowledge and universal wisdom.

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Toni x

SoulLife Coaching works on wellbeing intuitively case by case, recognising the individual’s own inner knowing rather than clinically defining them. We are emotional creatures not programmed robots.

  • Jodi
    Posted at 17:47h, 12 May Reply

    The last time I chose not to listen to my intuition was 2006. A woman from my child’s school befriended me and I received intuitive warning to keep my distance but logically thought to give her the benefit of the doubt as I was raised to do (I since no longer give anyone the benefit of doubt!). Anyways, some months later when things between us didn’t go her way as I chose to walk another path, she became nasty & vindictive. I had to end up putting a Misconduct Restraining Order against her to have her leave me alone…..
    Since that encounter, I’ve met a few more people with the same energy feel about them.. Immediately I don’t get involved with them!

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