What Does Friendship Mean To You

What does friendship mean to you?​

For me, it’s a connection that is fueled by comfortable openness, trust that you can be yourselves together, reveal everything with ease because, well, we’re vaults of loyalty and objective counsellors of each other’s growth.

Not haters, just supporters.

Conversation loaded with substance and lots and lots of laughs.

Time can pass, the bond doesn’t diminish, it’s always there, ready to fire up when needed.

For some, the person they have a beautiful friendship with is a sibling, spouse or parent.

From teenage years I was blessed with friends where our bonds are so strong it is difficult to express the feeling. Can some bonds be stronger than love?

The friendship connection is no different to a fated love connection, where you instantly feel like you know each other. No matter if it’s for a short time or a lifetime.

This is what friendship is like in my world.

How about yours?

Toni x

Self-awareness is the ultimate activism.

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