BRISBANE 5th December 2019

Wake Up
is an interactive event where I’ll cover

powerful things to escalate your personal power

Enhance your intuition and trust it

Trade busy head turmoil for peace of mind

Discover how to realise your innate traits and destined purpose


Wake Up is interactive, lighthearted, not too fluffy, inspiring, fun and heartfelt, and the aim is for you to leave feeling lighter and good about yourself

If you’re looking for connection, you’re in the right place.

We’ll be meditating, exploring past lives, using philosophy cards and looking at your life map.

Personal development is not serious all the time, some times it is downright funny … the things you do, say and feel go beyond logic. They matter. Uncovering your stuff is like nothing describable, it is actually amazing! We’re all works in progress.

Our events are caring, lighthearted, not too fluffy, inspiring, fun and heartfelt.



Brisbane Newmarket
Thursday 5 Dec 6pm-8:30pm