Find your life purpose?

Uncover your hidden talents?

Increase and use your intuition?

Be your own medium?

Feel supported through grief?

SoulLife® Wake Up
Your Virtual Community With The Opportunity To Attend Interactive Global Development Circles

Wake Up is a unique global community featuring the opportunity to attend our live Interactive Global Development Circles, hosted online so you get to participate from the comfort of your own home.

Through my work with clients around the world I gathered important insights as to what works.  Tapping into the energies of our unique Interactive Global Development Circles you will experience heightened intuitive ability, self awareness and personal empowerment.

Connect with others who are just like you – intuitive, mediumistic, kind hearted… and sometimes a bit messy.

Personal development means you are always a work in progress. This is how you discover your unique qualities and character traits to live with purpose, find your confidence, and feel more understood.

That’s why I created Wake Up… to support you on your ongoing journey to uncover hidden talents, strengthen your personal power.

Wake Up is all about uncovering the best possible version of YOU. Take control of your life! Through Wake up I can help you.

By joining Wake Up you give yourself inclusion, the ultimate gift of self love. You don’t have to do this alone!

Thousands of great people who have worked with me say they feel lighter, more confident and peaceful. Through Wake Up, together we will create exceptional differences in your life.

You have access to me, to guide you, and to soothe you while you soul-search.

For two decades, I have been helping people just like you, release insecurity and bring out the best in themselves. Through tiny intimate development circles… to large groups… and teaching in my unique, light hearted way. WE ARE FAMILY!

“When we begin to see ourselves as perfect, just the way that we are, we can lighten up, stress less, and accept life as it is.  I am delighted to have you to join me in discovering what life is all about!” Toni Reilly


GLOBAL CIRCLE – First Wednesday of the month  join live or watch the replay anytime.


GUIDANCE – Weekly intuitive messages for you – using my SoulLife® Philosophy deck. Streamed by me and occasionally we will feature guest contributors.


CLASS – Second Wednesday of the month covering topics about things that matter in life – featuring, intuition, relationships, personal characteristics, grief, life map.


MEDITATION – Third Wednesday of the month I’ll release a guided visualization for your wellbeing and development. Each month will focus on a symptom or theme.

Develop and heighten your intuition

Our global circle features exercises and resources so that you can connect with and trust your intuition.

Love yourself

You are special just the way you are! Wake Up helps you to naturally adjust your attitude, perspective and ideals.

Increase confidence

The side effect of developing intuition and spiritual development is increased confidence.

Let go of self-doubt

If you’re exhausted by self doubt, Wake Up shows you how to stop bullying yourself and discover how to use self-doubt to your advantage.

Move through grief

If you’re burdened by sadness and feel all alone, Wake Up is here to help you heal.

Stop struggling with emotional turmoil

Wake Up supports you to help you deal with emotional symptoms affecting your life’s journey.

Discover how to change patterns

Wake Up gives you the tools to alter your patterns and take charge of your life.

Find out what your dreams mean

Dreaming is a subconscious window with hidden messages.

Understand the deeper meaning of your life

Wake Up connects you with your soul, sometimes referred to as your higher-self.


Toni Reilly is Australia’s #1 internationally recognised Regression Specialist and the creator of SoulLife® Recall Therapy and best selling award winning Author of AWAKE The Purpose Of Life And Why You Are Here.


Toni has guided thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation. Toni assists people to overcome their emotional bruises and live with purpose, confidence, love, healthy relationships, with her unique way of making you feel understood and valued no matter what experiences you have been through.


SoulLife® Wake Up is all about YOU… maybe for the first time in a long time.


Karen Wessling, USA

Toni is a well spoken, gentle soul that makes learning easy.  She is kind and clear with direction and support.  Her voice is so easy to listen to, it makes learning a pleasure.  Toni was there for every question, comment and suggestion.

Steinar Alemlid, Norway
You have a magically beautiful voice that is like gold for these guided meditations. Truly resonating with my inner world, I open up.

Robyn Way, Australia

Toni, your voice was just so beautiful throughout these meditations. Divine, divine, divine!! These meditations are for everyone, regardless of how much personal development, meditation or how many past life regressions people have done! Thank you for allowing me this experience. I got a lot of clarity around particular issues. Sometimes I would receive a lot of past life detail, other times only very direct messages from my soul and, yet, both very profound.


Launching 2020

SoulLife® Recall Guided Meditations

Especially produced guided visualisation to relax, answer your questions, and address emotional, physical or psychological symptoms plus I created these with so much love and I care about you and want truly want you to shine!

How To Guide

Easy to comprehend guide explaining how to make the most of these meditations.


Become a part of our family of like-minded people where you are accepted and encouraged to be yourself.

Live on Zoom Global Development Circle

Attend our live streamed development circle where I guide you through a meditation to recharge your energy and powering you up.

Intuition Enhancing Classes

Once a month we will feature an intuition development video class. Your sixth sense will become your most valued asset.

Personal Development / Self Awareness

A side effect of meditation is self awareness, meaning everything you do in Wake Up will inspire you to understand more about yourself and why you are here.

SoulLife® Tools and Resources

You’ll have access to various tools including meditations, videos, classes, and bonus goodies to enhance your experience in Wake Up.

Unlimited Access (no contract)

Unlimited Access to this subscription platform and you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts so you’re not locked in, but you might want to stay for a long time, because I think you will love it!

All this for just

$12 a month or $120 a year (2 months free)


no contract – cancel anytime


Not sure?

To ask questions

email or book a call with Toni