How To Respond to Resistance or Cynicism So You Can Confidently Offer SoulLife Recall Regression Into Your Existing or Start-up Business

This is the second video in my series How to Transform Your Business with SoulLife Recall Regression.

In this video, I am giving two tips for How To Respond to Resistance or Cynicism So You Can Confidently Offer SoulLife Recall Regression into Your Existing or Start-up Business.

If you want to offer your services as a Regression Therapist or as Past Life Practitioner which is fast becoming ‘normal’ here are my two strategy tips.

#1 Never Defend Yourself
The proof is in the healing with regression and you can gather testimonials showcasing actual symptoms that have been cured or eliminated. You might have some of your own otherwise for starters talk about noted cases that are written in books and on the internet.

Talk about the physical reaction (usually tears) that people have no control over and can not hold back, plus the emotion that overcomes them, both these involuntary side effects are assurance that they are not making it up.

Tell them the technique has to be experienced to take effect.

The second strategy I recommend you have in place to Respond to resistance or cynicism so you can confidently offer the service is

#2 Prepare to Discern
When you are questioned, you have a moment to decide whether to respond or not.

When you respond, make sure you respond with confidence. Confidence immediately elevates your credibility in that moment.

So prepare a response, it can become your go-to response, a bit like an elevator pitch.

Remember, you are never to defend yourself, your beliefs or your profession.

Respond with results, something like…..
“Recall is an experiential process that cures my clients [insert your niche] often in one session”.

Focus on results!

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Bring on the transformation
Toni x

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