Turn Self-Doubt Into a Niche Business

I have found that most of my clients have a strong desire to help people.  Some of them are fully trained as therapists and practitioners, yet they battle with self-doubt.  Their training, or even established success, is not enough to overcome the nagging thoughts of not feeling good enough.


The thing about insecurity is that it has a grip on you despite recognition and accolades, even when you logically know that you do great work and you make a difference in people’s lives.


That debilitating mindset of self-doubt persists. In one way it drives you to be the amazing person that you are, but it does not help you be at peace with yourself.  It causes you to second guess your choices, to wonder who would see you as an expert, and to question your ability to sell yourself, which blocks your business from thriving.


Turn Self-Doubt Into a Niche Business by Transforming Mindset Into Money


This leaves you feeling locked into a box that seems too difficult to get out of.  It can be truly overwhelming once you realize that there are so many aspects to being in business that require more than simply being an incredible healer or therapist.


I address mindset during my training to boost confidence and to get at the core reason behind insecurity, preparing you to make a difference. That difference has to begin with you, to transform your self-doubt, so you can avoid allowing necessities like developing a website, creating a social media presence, and setting a fee for your services stop you.

Feeling empowered to face the practical challenges is easier when you have a step-by-step strategy in place to work through. By focusing on one step at a time, overwhelm does not win because you feel empowered as you experience real progress in your business.


Being a practitioner puts a whole new spin on running a business because there are extra confronting elements.  Like selling yourself.  It is easy when you are not selling yourself; instead, you allow your clients to speak on your behalf, to tell the world how you helped them.


My three tips after 12 years in the business of being the business are:

  1. Make peace with your insecurities and work with your innate strengths so that they don’t own you, but instead, drive you. Get to know your character using numerology, astrology or personality tests.
  2. Take training that transforms you while you learn how to transform others. Find experiential courses or workshops that promote self-awareness or personal transformation as an outcome and that value your own life experience.
  3. Never question your inner guidance; act on it, even when you’re advised otherwise. Letting others dictate your decisions and choices feeds self-doubt and gives your power away. Develop your intuition using development exercises so you know how your own senses and individual inner language work, then you will trust your messages.


Take charge with experiential training that covers practitioner skills and practical business support so that your inner drive to help people will no longer be hindered by self-doubt or a lack of a business plan.

Toni x

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This article was originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine, November 2018

Toni Reilly is an author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.  As the Founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she created SoulLife®Programs and Events, guiding thousands of clients worldwide to live with confidence, purpose and compassion.

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