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Published July 2023, that’s life! Magazine

Time Travellers Past Lives – Interview with Dr Toni Reilly by Eva Lewiki

Following my marriage break-up in my 30s, I became obsessed with soul searching. That led me to reading a book about reincarnation called, Many Lives, Many Masters.

It was written by American psychotherapist Dr Brian Weiss, who was astonished when a patient began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her nightmares and anxiety attacks.

Put simply, it was as if she’d travelled back in time, and was able to pinpoint where her issues began.

Thanks to the insight, he was able to help her, after which he spent his life using hypnotherapy to regress patients to previous lives in order to treat them.

I was so amazed by the book, I went to New York and trained with Dr Brian Weiss to become a hypnotherapist.

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