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Hey my fellow friends in business, like me, THIS COULD BE JUST WHAT YOU NEED.

I want to tell you about a business move that changed EVERYTHING. 

In the beginning of 2017 I knew I had to “get with the times” and began streamlining my back-end processes and converting my courses to digital and while I had a legit organic following and email list (organic = people joined my list or liked my page, I did not pay for them).

Anyway, through this process, I produced a new course which was my first attempt at creating an online course and it drove me freaking crazy! 

I had these few things in my favour:
1. I own and create amazing content
2. I am tech savvy, had an existing following, mail list, website etc.
3. I am really comfortable in front of the camera
4. I am admin savvy too

So with all those things on my side, I thought it would be easy. 

Nope, It was excruciatingly tricky. There were so many elements that it was overwhelming. 

Creating the course was only the beginning with all equipment, the camera, microphone, and lighting, then at the back end, to host it, for people to pay and access it seamlessly…. there was an insane amount of tasks to co-ordinate.

Anyway, after spending MOST of 2017 working on the stress & anxiety course and streamlining my business (yep, my stress course gave me intense stress and anxiety!!… I discovered this new platform which had everything integrated into the one place.

You see, I fall down with attention to detail when linking everything together, making sure it all goes to the correct place. There is so much linking to do, stats to collect, follow up, membership access, seamless course progression, believe me, I am making this sound easy, way less hassle than it actually was.

Anyway, a few of my colleagues, clients and graduate students have taken up this platform and like me swear by it…

SO if you need a business management tool, a course hosting tool, an email list + sequences to send them, a calendar so they can schedule with you, gorgeous web pages, a funnel (argh!!!) or any ONE of these elements then check this out… it is truly the bee’s-bloody-knees.

It’s called KARTRA
Check it out and take a free trial here

Streamline your business from the very beginning or convert your existing practice over now. You won’t regret it.

You are welcome to comment if you need more assurance, I can not speak highly enough of this product.

Toni x

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