The Battle Within About Relaxation

If there’s an area where I need to practice what I preach it’s around down time.

I take it. I enjoy it. I need it. But that doesn’t stop me from battling it.

The other day, I had a long list of things I had to do. My mind literally went brain dead, I couldn’t think, much less focus on actually working through my list.

I did not accept that I might be supposed to rest, not right away.

Nope, I felt annoyed with myself!

So I got my trusty pendulum out. I wrote all the things on my list plus an option for RELAX and placed each separate piece of paper folded in a circle and let my pendulum blindly choose.

I held it while asking in my mind, what is my main focus today? After plenty of circling, the pendulum finally pointed to one piece of paper … I opened it.  Sure enough, it said…. RELAX.

Well who can argue with that!? Sometimes you have to surrender to down time, to rejuvenate and refresh your energies.

Relaxation supports us to operate at our peak capacity.

Do you take time to relax?

Toni x

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