I feel I am a lot calmer and my confidence is stronger

Hi Toni,

I hope you are well.  I have really enjoyed the c.d. you kindly sent.  I thought I would touch base with you to let you know how I went with the C.D.  I have discovered I have had at least two lives where religion has played a large part in these lives.  One life I was a Buddhist Monk which may explain why I am living a life pretty much on my own.  The next life it seems I was living in a middle east country where Christianity was new and converts lived under the radar.  In this life there seemed to be a lot of suspicion surrounding people because Christianity was not part of Middle  Eastern religious life and Christians were persecuted, this may explain why I experience many issues around trust (or lack of).  In my curent life I seem to be surrounded by people with strong Christian faith, whereas my beliefs are not of the same strength.

Since I discovered the lifetime in a Middle East country I have becomes friends with my neighbour who lives across the road (I have been here for almost 2 years), she comes across honest with integrity and is easy to get on with.  Prior to this I decided to let go of a friendship that was not serving my higher self and out sync with my values and probably with hers also.

What I have discovered is, I am very fearful of being on my own and my capacity to be self sufficient now both my parents have passed, particularly since dad’s passing last year.  I have been using food as a source of comfort and control.  Also, I have found I have not broken a pattern of meeting men who misrepresent themselves.  Despite areas of work I need to do I feel far more confident than before as a direct result of using your  c.d. to uncover past life effects on current life situation,

I feel I am a lot calmer and my confidence is stronger though there is room for greater improvement.  I suppose I will know when I am there when my external world matches my internal world.

Onwards and upwards. – Tracie, Brisbane

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