Our friend and colleague Pamela Ray transitioned home unexpectedly in April 2018.  We are forever grateful for the legacy she left in her simplified but straight to the core, counselling course.  No one could do it quite like her!  She was amazing, not just as a counsellor but as a friend. She is still with us, just in a different way now. Toni x

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Pamela Ray developed and facilitates our Intuitive Counselling course.  By incorporating her wide and varied experience, she knows how to get to the core in training and with people. She is a professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Psychic, Medium and workshop facilitator.

Pamela has been a practicing counsellor and teacher of counselling skills for more than 25 years and is a qualified Trainer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Pamela holds an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regent’s College London UK, and Grad. Dip. Counselling (ACAP).

During a reading twenty-five odd years ago with Gordon Higginson, a very well-known Medium who ran the Arthur Findlay College in the UK Pamela was asked if she was a teacher or a counsellor – on replying that she was neither, a seed of truth was planted and just over one year later, after seeing a course advertised in a magazine, her pathway opened up in the realm of counselling. Over the years Pamela has studied various aspects of counselling and has become more specialised in the field. Having been a medium and psychic herself before she was a counsellor and teacher, Pamela saw how incorporating counselling skills complimented her readings and added professionalism and credibility. That is when Pamela observed a need that she felt wasn’t being met in the industry and felt inspired to create an intuitive counselling course.

Pamela attended the Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship in the UK many times over the last 25 years.

At first our course was titled Spiritual Counselling.  We decided to change the name to remove possible religious assumptions that may be associated with the word spiritual.  We feel that  Intuitive Counselling is a more mainstream title for the qualification.  You may prefer to drop the word Intuitive when describing your qualification.

An Interview with Pamela Ray

Here is some of Pamela’s wisdom in creating the counselling course in this short interview…

How long have you been teaching the course, Intuitive Counselling?

I created the course about 7 years ago from my experiences as a teacher in Counselling in the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and it also came from my experiences as a medium and psychic. Being in those types of spiritual circles I saw the need for their Mediums and Psychics to have some real counselling tools, so I put it together as ‘spiritual’ counselling so it would fit in with them and fill a need in the industry.

Why is Intuitive Counselling an important type of therapy, in your opinion?

It’s important because people will come to psychics and mediums and not to counsellors sometimes because they feel that if they have to go to a counsellor or maybe a psychologist then they feel like they’ve got something wrong with them. And so they feel more comfortable to go to a psychic and medium and sometimes the psychic/medium doesn’t have knowledge of the counselling skills and I think it just gives those people working in the spiritual, natural health field the professional advantage to have some counselling skills as well.

What do you think are the 3 most important things that people will get out of this course?

Their own self-awareness – an awareness of how what we say and do affects others and vice versa. That would be the first thing they’ll get out of the course. Often people come to the course to learn a new skill, which they do, but are often surprised to feel how much self-awareness and personal development they get out of the course for themselves. Its about helping people become aware of and accepting all their life experiences good and bad as a means to spiritual growth. The second thing would be compassion for yourself and other people. Accepting the shadow side of your personality as it also has its positives which also helps you to accept that others have their challenging side as well. And the third thing would be learning to feel really comfortable about being honest with how you deal with the people that come to you. This  in turn helps them to be honest with themselves.

What has Intuitive Counselling meant to your life path, personally?

In the first few years I worked in different areas of counselling, and I observed that there was a lot of violation of my personal values on how people were being treated, it was lacking the spiritual side regarding being more compassionate to people and also giving people some direction, but not telling them what to do. It is important to allow them to take responsibility for their own life which is a big thing as it is personal empowerment. My greatest drive is to help others to help themselves, not just boss people around or tell them what to do. It’s important for people to learn how to be comfortable  enough within themselves to make decisions for their own lives even if the decision doesn’t turn out as expected.

Interview by: Megan Hallifax