Soulmate Love Story #1 Mel and Bas

Soulmate Love Story #1 Melanie and Bas

Synchronicity always brings soulmates together

I met my husband in a youth hostel in Boston USA. He is Dutch and was working in New Jersey and I am Australian. I had left a boyfriend at home and was starting a year of travel with a group of close friends.

Long story made short, language, distance, family, prior plans, money etc didn’t seem to add any resistance. We clicked from the get go and seemed to easily make arrangements to keep in contact. We met in six different countries over the following six months, as back-packers all pre internet and without mobile phones. We never had more than six weeks between seeing each other.

Eventually we flatted together in London and after three years of roaming the world together we arrived on Australian shores.

We married in the Netherlands the following year and now have our 23rd wedding anniversary approaching.

Both our families quickly bonded and were very accepting of our life choices. We are a close family and proud of our two grown children and have a successful business in Australia, which we created and built over the span of our marriage.

The relationship journey has some bumps and battles of wills so not every day is bliss however the energetic pull and love we share is dynamic and I believe, where our souls want us to be.

Current pic of Mel and Bas in 2018

Words and Photos courtesy of Melanie Kemp.

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