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Personalised Program
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Our practitioner certificate course is spiritually based, delivered through an intuitive yet real life perspective.

You’ll focus on practical content and experiential training, through observation and personal experience.

You’ll be confident to facilitate memory recall from past lives, current life and between lives.

Recall Regression is the psychology of the future

Recall Regression heals physical, emotional and psychological challenges

Recall Regression compliments other clinical and holistic therapies

About the Personalised Program

SoulLife™ Recall Regression is the exclusive combination of Toni’s expertise and extensive research. Her experience is immense, through 12 years of mentoring 1000’s of students and facilitating regression for clients in Australia and Internationally.


Usually the training is a 3 day intensive … now for the first time ever you can earn this certificate from anywhere in the world. Lessons are presented by Toni on Skype or Zoom.

Toni prepares and delivers a personalised mentoring program to suit your timetable and other commitments.

You will be confident to apply your new skills or specialise as a Regression Therapist.


Learning Recall Regression from internationally recognised Regression Therapist, Toni Reilly means you’ll have exclusive access to her pro tips, including how to guide group regression so you become a highly effective facilitator.

 “I want you to succeed in helping as many people as possible.”
Toni Reilly

Certified by the IICT.  Your certificate allows you to become a member and acquire insurance.

Meet Toni Reilly

Toni Reilly, the creator of SoulLife™ Coaching, Programs and Seminars. She is a best- selling award winning author, speaker, seminar leader and an internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.


As a Therapeutic Coach for 12 years Toni has guided thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation; helping people value themselves so they can reach their potential, overcoming emotional bruises, to live and work with purpose.


Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni’s success in business. She is a great role model to her participants, who has mentored many from highly respected professional backgrounds in all fields from Scientists, Psychologist to CEO’s of multi-billion dollar Companies, to stay at home Mums, Blue Collar workers, Doctors and Nurses.


Toni presents in her trademark light-hearted style. She stands by her belief that self-awareness and personal development is how to reach your potential to become a highly effective practitioner.


Toni has trained in New York with her mentor and pioneer Dr. Brian Weiss, Author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

What You Will Learn

• To guide clients to recall Past lives, Current life and Between lives

• Unique facilitation style and techniques

• How to reach the core issue for overall wellbeing

• How to heal clients from emotional, physical and psychological trauma

• Managing client expectations

• About incorporating Regression into your existing or new

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So if you prefer learning in a down to earth

fun loving way ….now is your chance!

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Recall Regression Training