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SoulLife™ Coach

SoulLife™ Coaching Diploma
4-10 September 2017 | Sydney


As a SoulLife™ Coach you have a major point of difference to set you apart from other coaches.

You will become a confident and competent therapeutic practitioner qualified to assist clients through crisis who can mentor and support them AND heal issues that hold them back from living their dreams.

You can provide guidance, strategy and mentoring with clients
if that is your preference… though you will become quite a magician!

You don’t even have to call yourself a COACH if you are adverse to that title.
You can specialise in any of these areas… 
Intuitive Counsellor
Regression Facilitator
Intuitive Advisor

It is up to you where you take your practice.


SoulLife™ Coaching is complimentary to all therapies, Counselling and Psychology by fast tracking transformation through experience.

SoulLife™ methods and ideology reach for the thread linked to the emotional bruises we endure through life.

19_friends-supportive_femaleHAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO

Help others find and live their purpose

Be a Regression Facilitator

Be a Professional Coach

Be an Intuitive Counsellor

Increase and use your intuition

Uncover your hidden talents 

Toni Reilly created SoulLife™ Coaching, an intuitive approach to personal transformation.  She is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading Regression Facilitator and Intuitive Practitioner.

She shares her expertise so you become a Confident Successful SoulLife™ Coaching Practitioner

Prepare yourself for a journey of self-discovery and empowerment
as you embrace your life purpose by assisting
others to find and live theirs.

Toni’s visionary SoulLife™ Coaching Practitioner Diploma Program is the only certified intuitive professional training course of its kind in the whole World.  To be a great Conscious Practitioner you benefit from a delicate balance of skills, techniques, compassion and mindset.

As you explore different techniques, methods and modalities, you’ll begin to master how to stay present without falling into the emotion of the moment. You become a relaxed, competent, and confident Coaching Practitioner… fully equipped and prepared to handle anything your client is ready to deal with.

In this video I answer your questions about the SoulLife Coaching Diploma Retreat Program where you get certified fast during our 7 day retreat.

What is the SoulLife™ Coaching Diploma 7 Day Intensive Retreat Program?

Our Coaching Diploma is unique and modern,  it is aimed at those who feel drawn to work with people to assist them to lead a fulfilling life.

The content is interactive and experiential so you’ll feel more comfortable transforming personally and professionally.  We believe self-awareness is as important for the practitioner as for those who seek your guidance.

This professional training is designed to bring out the best in you so that you are able to effectively work with people on an individual basis, rather than boxing and labelling them as some western modalities tend to.

Feeling confused, or in emotional turmoil does not mean people are mentally ill, it is more likely they are struggling to integrate their life circumstances.  As a qualified SoulLife™ Coaching Practitioner the potential to facilitate life changing results is great.

We pride ourselves on practical, real world application for replicatable real life results.

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Australia Dates
Sydney 4 – 10 September 2017

Introducing Toni Reilly

TONI REILLY is an author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator. She is the creator of SoulLife Coaching, Programs, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation. She assists people to overcome their emotional bruises and live with purpose, confidence, love and healthy relationships.  

Her passion is teaching and mentoring those who feel drawn to help people become qualified and begin living their dream.

She has personally trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and at the Arthur Findly College in the UK. This world-class training, more than 11 years experience along with her with her modern approach to personal transformation and intuitive training for people just like you.

Toni’s trademark professional training assists participants to embrace their individual personality and traits, knowledge and life experience to blend with her proven techniques.

Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity are developed through her experience working with thousands of clients and groups.  Toni’s success in the wellbeing arena makes her a great role model to her students, with many becoming highly respected Coaching Practitioners.

Toni presents in her light hearted style, standing by her belief that self-awareness and personal development does not have to be heavy or sad, sometimes it is funny and always liberating to learn about who we are and why we behave in certain ways.

Personal transformational work brings profound peace and contentment first to ourselves, then flows to those around us.

SoulLife™ Coaching Program Outline

SoulLife™ Counselling

Intuitive Counselling is listening and getting to the core of what the issue is without interfering or placing your own values onto your client is key.  Use language in a way that takes the responsibility away from the counsellor and puts it back to the client to empower them.

You gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and human nature allowing you to work professionally as a counsellor or to incorporate counselling skills with other forms of healing or guidance.

Learn how to get to the real core of the problem and then allow your client to resonate and take control of their life, feelings and actions.

Our comprehensive content will enhance your work professionally and personally.

Learn what we mean by counselling and the helping relationship including:

  • Unique intuitive style

  • About yourself and others

  • Healing techniques

  • Values and beliefs

  • Listening skills

  • Emotions and feelings

  • Questioning

  • Anxiety

  • Authenticity

  • Ethical and professional presentation

SoulLife™ Regression

Regression facilitation is a profound way to connect with the soul to access physical, emotional and psychological healing. This module is intuitive and spiritual, not clinically based. It includes practical content and experiential training through observation, personal experience, and facilitating regression for others. Discover how to navigate and explore memories from past lives, current life and between lives and the various other spiritual experiences, which can occur.

Toni Reilly is an internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.  Her teachings are world renowned. You will learn to facilitate Past Life and Regression Therapy using her unique methods to induce profound healing.

Regression is the psychology of the future, and is complimentary with other holistic therapies, psychology, counselling, kinesiology, energy healing, hypnotherapy and other complimentary therapies.

The exclusive content is a combination of Toni’s extensive research and insight gathered while teaching and mentoring 1000’s of students and facilitating regression for clients in Australia and Internationally and mentoring from these brilliant pioneers Dr. Brian Weiss, Peter Ramster and Andy Tomlinson among others.


  • Unique intuitive facilitation

  • Process of accessing the soul which is where the healing comes from

  • Benefits which are profound and life-changing

  • Past lives, current life, between life and spiritual memory recall

  • Navigating for relevance

  • Relaxation methods and choices

  • Healing techniques

SoulLife™ Intuition

Be guided on a journey into trusting and developing your intuition and innate senses to enhance you personally and as a practitioner. We’ll explore the senses and energies, and techniques and methods using colour, cards, symbols, and how to use these intuitive tools to enhance your innate senses.

Senses and Energies shows you how to tune to the energies of someone, for rapport, understanding and insight into their challenges and strengths.  Discover which are your strongest senses and how to use them with clients and for yourself in daily life.  Discern the difference between intuition, psychic, mediumship and guide energies.  Know of the many intuitive tools and tuning methods and how to work with symbols, music and timing and much more when working with clients.

Learn how to interpret tarot or cards to intuitively tune to guidance and insight for a client. Even if you have never seen a tarot deck before or are already a professional reader you will develop insightful new reading skills using your intuition.

Colour is a universal language and each vibrates a meaning. Learn how to apply and understand colour for healing and intuitive guidance. Read Auras to discern mood, personality, challenges, strengths physical health and purpose.

SoulLife™ Insight


Discover how our psychological make up is affected by life lessons and the bruises we agree to overcome. Determine individual traits, strengths and challenges using the energy of numbers.  Learn methods for attaining insight into a persons psychological innate traits and their blueprint in life. Discover how people are personally affected and how they affect others with their bruises. You’ll understand your client’s strengths and challenges, to know the most effective methods and treatment strategy to use.

Discover the bruises we chose to overcome and how we react to cover up their innate fears and subconsciously develop masks to cover up their true self.  Understand how our body shape and physical health habits are formed and why.

Uncover the unique life blueprint for an individual. Current and upcoming insight for a client.  You’ll understand your client or family members, friends and colleagues strengths and challenges, to know the most effective communication style, methods and treatment to use to assist them to understand themselves.

SoulLife™ Analysis


Here we explore techniques that tap into the mind-body-spirit connection allowing you and your client to uncover some of their unconscious programming.  This can be psychological or spiritual conditioning affecting their physical body and creating current life patterns.

Understand how the physical anatomy expresses and responds to the emotional state with symptoms. Learn testing to bypass conscious programming and get to the real answer.

Establish a bond with your exclusive practitioner pendulum and discover how to use it to test for authentic responses from your client and get to the core of what created any symptom or reaction. Learn how to compose and use complex and simple charts to define a cause and reach the core trauma and the most beneficial treatment for your client.

SoulLife™ Healing


Explore and practice energetic healing methods to ensure you become an effective conscious practitioner who can potentially restore optimum mental, emotional and physical health for clients.

Energy Medicine is universally available to be administered, discover how plus the magical effect you can transfer for others.

SoulLife™ Business


Business practice and practitioner ethics are vital to a successful business and integral to being a great Conscious Practitioner. Get the fundamentals sorted by knowing how to develop, promote and grow your business using the web, and social media to establish and grow a thriving practice.

SoulLife™ Session has a specialised free flowing structure allowing you to work with your client on the most relevant area for them each time they visit.

Who was this Diploma created for?

I put my heart and soul  into creating this program for those who feel drawn to help people. They may have overcome life changing challenges or be at a place in their life where they are seeking personal fulfilment perhaps feeling at a cross roads for what to do next.  

Anyone searching for deeper meaning in life, navigating any stage of that personal process will blossom.  Some of you may have raised children and are now feeling a strong pull to do something for yourself.

Life experience is the greatest teacher of those drawn to SoulLife Coaching.  They are intuitive, maybe feeling different or misunderstood possibly since childhood.  Some of you may have kept your intuition and sixth senses secret, even from close family and friends.  


Some are drawn to this calling not knowing clearly why.  Nothing is by chance, when following your guidance.


Those who are pulled to our program will discover their tribe, there are others like you!  We are not weird, we are everyday people from ALL backgrounds and experience; everyone from professionals, blue collar and white collar workers to homemakers. Education and past work history are not what qualify you for this, it is a knowing that something else exists, coupled with life experience.

It is not possible to learn tolerance, empathy, compassion and kindness from any text book. We do not fit into neat little boxes or labels and neither do those who will seek help from you. We are individuals and there is always more to us than meets the eye.  Statistics, shamistics (while they can be be insightful), we look beyond for emotional elements.

The pull towards this work, will form a part of your innate life purpose.


Women and men seeking a career change or to start one, who feel drawn to make a difference, ready to personally transform.  Craving balance, flexibility, choosing their own hours and contributing in a meaningful way. Loving what they do so much, it no longer feels like work.

If this is for you, the draw will feel right.  Should you resist, the thought will persist.
Trust your intuition all the way on this.

A truly life changing, life saving experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to learn from the best.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had such an awesome experience that I now get to share with others to help and support them, thank you.

I have learned more about myself in one week than ever before, and therefore, has allowed me to see who I truly am and can be – words cannot thank you enough for this amazing gift. Your intuition, insights, knowledge and honesty are extraordinary and I will always treasure this moment in my life.

I have been able to make extraordinary connections with exceptional people who I engaged with throughout this time – the practice and the theory were intense which only made our energy stronger and the learning more invaluable.

Thank you Jacqui, Brisbane

Completing the SoulLife Practitioner Diploma with Toni was an incredibly rewarding and life changing experience. Toni and her team are all warm, knowledgeable, and very engaging. The expertise they shared with us was invaluable and from the first session we were developing new skills. The course was well-run, highly interactive, and extremely interesting. Toni was very skilled at understanding the needs and dynamics of the group and ensuring we remained challenged and engaged without being overwhelmed. The holistic methodology of this qualification is unlike any other offered in Australia, so whether you are looking for personal development or to progress as a practitioner, I can highly recommend studying with Toni. Antoinetta, Gold Coast

What to expect from the 7 Day Intensive Retreat Diploma Program

The format is intensive, designed to cater for you no matter where you’re from in the world, featuring accommodation inclusive in the fee. We have carefully selected venues to ensure our space feels just right with our Sydney site, overlooking the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge at Potts Point.

The course highlights extensive training in Regression and Intuitive Counselling blended to enhance your intuition and provide you with invaluable tools and techniques to become a highly effective coaching practitioner. In the process of training, your life will change as you delve into your own purpose.

Our day begins in the morning continuing into the evening. It is structured carefully so that we weave the more emotional sessions in with lighter ones.

We are used to working with intensive energy and we have enough breaks to keep you motivated, interested, enthusiastic and energised.

Many say this is the best training they have ever attended! It is life changing.

The class size is purposefully limited to ensure you receive plenty of attention, mentoring and practice. We’ve kept the numbers intimate as the nature of this course ensures you bond with your fellow participants during the highly experiential exercises and discussions. We’ll be working on our own psyche while learning to work with others. Attendees say they feel like they’ve found their tribe, feeling understood and accepted and revered for their inner-knowing.


The program focuses on Regression and Counselling as the main healing themes, we also cover intuition and tools to incorporate with all that you learn as an overall Conscious Practitioner or you may choose to specialise as an Intuitive Counsellor or Regression Facilitator. We cover energy healing, intuitive readings and much more.


All that you learn is complimentary to any other training or study of modalities or experience you may have working with energy, as a reader or healer, if you have not worked in these areas before they are considerations for you to begin your practice.

Invitation from Toni

Being drawn to help people is invitation enough to join me in my life changing retreat program.

Embrace the tools and confidence to become a confident successful highly effective Coaching Practitioner, prepared to build your own private practice or enhance current skills.

We develop our intuitive and spiritual ways with kindness and grace minus the fluff that may cause some to roll their eyes, so that mainstream people might seek your help.

If you prefer keeping it real, to present as an everyday person and are drawn to incorporate your intuitive side please come and join me.

I’ll share everything I know about transforming into a world class Coaching practitioner.


Invest in your future
Fees & Payment

Join us in Sydney Australia
4 – 10 September 2017

Our program is accredited with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. You can practice in any of the areas we teach. You may choose to specialise in one area or or blend them all and work holistically.

What others have said about working with Toni…

“I have over the years worked on myself, but there is always more to be done.  And there is that one course you do, that challenges you at the right time and allows you to see YOU, ACCEPT YOU as you are, not as others want you to be or as you want others to perceive you!”

Vanessa, Melbourne.


“Toni is an amazing, gifted and inspiring teacher. I have done several courses with her and all of them have exceeded my expectations. The clarity of the course content and teachings were excellent and very easy to understand and follow. Thank you so much Toni!”

Sophie, Sydney


“An excellent programme that will help get you started on the exciting and rewarding journey that is Life Therapy. The course provided an ideal combination of theory and practical components plus the added advantage of having access to Toni’s skills and experience. You get more than what you put in…”

Dushy, Melbourne


“Toni, Thank you for the exciting course on Past Life Therapy that you taught… You made everyone feel comfortable and you have a wonderful open approach to teaching. I feel that my life has taken on a wonderful new meaning and know Past Life Therapy is a big part of that.”

Daniela, Brisbane

“Thank you very much Toni for contributing so very much to the wonderful productive week I enjoyed in Melbourne attending the “SoulLife” Past Life Regression facilitator training. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting yourself and Vicki and the other course participants. The course content was excellent, fully informative, and experiential, with your experience and “tips” really helpful. Your style of keeping it (the work) real and accessible, plus the absence of a dogmatic approach and your holding a broad view of spiritual life that incorporated the multi-dimensional perspectives of all the attendees was valued and appreciated. 

I thoroughly enjoy the good natured, confident way you are bringing this work it into the world and making it accessible.  I’m privileged that the significant teachers through my life, including yourself, have all being somewhat pioneers in their fields, doing it their way, ahead of their time, as the saying goes.  This is inspirational for me.”

David, New Zealand

“I love her warmth, sincerity, honesty, and her energy is like you are meeting an old friend again. Toni’s love of her work and extreme patience and dedication to helping you become who you truly can be is awesome.”

Carine, Melbourne.


“The 5 days spent training with Toni was the catalyst of change in my life…Toni’s method of training is heartfelt, practical and actionable, it aligns your lesson with your mission! She utilises the most amazing resources, one’s bravery, vulnerability and dedication to raise awareness to discover your “Authentic Self”. Toni Reilly is a rare gem, with a commitment to teaching, awareness and transformation. The support doesn’t end when the training is complete, she makes it her personal passion that we succeed in the development of our sense of self.”

Cobina, Brisbane.


“I trained with Toni in Past Life Regression Therapy and found the course and Toni’s method of teaching to be a wonderful and positive experience. Her knowledge on the subject was immense, and she has a very relaxed approach to her teaching which allowed me to feel confident and able to express myself during the course, which allowed me to experiment and grow, whilst learning. I would highly recommend Toni as a teacher, and her courses are always focused on learning in a comfortable and nurturing environment.”

Fiona, Sydney


“Toni’s style and personality lends her to being one of the most effective educators I’ve ever known, and I’ve studied a lot! Not only did I learn some incredible techniques from her, but after only the second day I had also begun to feel significant changes within myself. Wow! Honestly, this course has changed my life and my worldview, for the better.”

“Toni’s course was clear, concise and effective in that it’s provided wonderfully for my role as a regression therapist. Her insight and way of delivering information made learning and absorbing information simple and nonsensical.  Since undergoing the course I have been able to easily slip into the role of a regression therapist, and my client’s satisfaction levels have been high. I can’t thank Toni enough for not only providing a thoroughly comprehensive course, the only of its kind in Australia, but also in innovating a revolutionarily gentle way to heal through regression therapy. Thank you Toni!”

Dana, Melbourne

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