SoulLife™ Coaching Diploma

Frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites to sign up for the SoulLife® Coaching Diploma 7 day retreat program?
There are no prerequisites. You can participate in our program purely for personal development and self-awareness if you wish or for professional development and training to become a successful holistic wellbeing practitioner.

Can I apply for Regconised Prior Learning (RPL)?
We offer unique and visionary techniques and philosophies which you can incorporate with any of your existing qualifications. No matter what your existing qualifications or experience are we are confident that you will gain a new approach.  Our program is designed to illuminate personal growth while you learn so to receive the most benefit and new ways to work its beneficial to sit the whole program.

What if I have studied with the Toni Reilly Institute before?
If you have completed Past Life Regression or Intuitive Counselling with the Toni Reilly Institute you may be eligible for a reduced fee.  Please contact us to check.

What can I do with my qualification?
The SoulLife® Coaching program qualifies you to begin working as a Life Coach or Wellbeing Practitioner.  You might incorporate your skills and expand your existing practice. Specialising in a particular area is an option too.

SoulLife™ adds an extra layer to the understanding of yourself and clients whom you can treat more in-depth layers

 than ever thought possible.

SoulLife™ Coaching is complimentary to traditional psychology

 or any other method of working with people including intuitive readings. It teaches stand-alone methods which can be used with no other previous training.

SoulLife™ Recall brings an added perspective for everyone working with the understanding the soul.

Can I join a professional body?
This qualification entitles you to join the IICT the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.  They are the professional body our courses are accredited with.  You can join to enhance your presence and be recognised as an ethical and professional practitioner.

What about insurance?
Your Diploma entitles you to insurance to specialise in an individual area or use all the skills you learn.

How many students are in the program?
Our retreat program is intimate and exclusive. Places are limited to 14 to ensure you receive adequate attention, mentoring, feedback and practice during your intensive training.

Can I choose which units to study?
Our retreat program has been developed to be a life changing program which expands you personally and professionally.  The presentation is blended in a way that ensures you can comprehend easily and be confident in the process.  To achieve the best results for you it requires participation in the whole program. Self-awareness and personal transformation are paramount to you becoming successful and confident as a coach or practitioner.

Is there assessment after the course?
On completion of the intensive training you will graduate ready to put your skills into action. You will be mentored and nurtured during our time together coupled with lots of hands on practice and feedback.  We believe that adults who have lived life are capable of integrating their skills without added pressure from us.  Practice is the best way to develop and grow.  We are here to support you.

Are there any follow up courses available?
In the future we will present refresher and advanced courses and seminars to support your integration as a Coaching Practitioner.

How is the program delivered?
The SoulLife™ Coaching Diploma is delivered as intensive live-in retreat training program. You are instructed in a combination of face to face interactive lectures, experiential classes, group discussion, and practice. It is super nurturing so that you grow personally while learning to work with others.

Why is it live-in?
A live-in environment enhances your experience and creates the perfect setting to grow and learn.  Being removed from day to day obligations, stress and pressure heightens your ability to take in this information in a short though intensive manner. You’ll take in loads of information, presented casually so that you can absorb it easily.

Plus we want this incredible training to be accessible to people all around the world. The live-in retreat arrangement allows participants to be flexible with travel, family committments and the time required off work to fast track their qualification.

Our 7 day retreat program creates an environment to honour yourself without the distraction of daily commitments so you can get on with building your successful practice sooner.

Is accommodation included in the fee?
Yes the retreat package includes comfortable twin share accommodation, there is the option to upgrade to single room, inclusive of breakfast, lunch and one dinner plus refreshments to ensure you have an amazing week.  We’ve left the dinner open so that you can withdraw or interact with your fellow classmates.  Depending on your personality you might need a break to recoup your own energies.

How long is the SoulLife™ Coaching Diploma  Retreat Program?
6 nights and 7 days.

What is the daily schedule like?
Your schedule is full, starting each day early in the morning and gracefully working into the evening. We have it planned so that you have plenty of breaks, delicious nutritious meals, movement and time out to support you physically, mentally and emotionally.