Alleviate Severe Anxiety | Case Study SoulLife® Recall Regression

These cases studies are compiled with love and care to showcase the possibilities for healing emotional, physical and psychological trauma using my specialised technique, SoulLife® Recall Regression, where people recall memories from their past lives, current life, a visit in-between lives or go to the SoulLife realm to attain optimal well-being.

This case study is documented by a graduate of my SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program. The facilitator and their client remain anonymous.

This is what the client hopes to address during their session.

Alleviate severe anxiety, OCD (checking) fear of death, fear of fire, fear of hurting/killing another person. Causing another human to suffer any pain/grief. To ultimately cure, or even reduce symptoms and understand “why”.


The Client went back to 3 years previously in her current home, she landed in her front yard on the grass, with bare feet, wearing comfortable clothing. A time when she was feeling very relaxed, no anxiety, she loves being in her home, feels very secure and calm, she took a walk through her house and loves being there.

When finished exploring her home she headed towards the light and became a ball of light. She called it heaven, and described a calmness she had never known on Earth.

After the session, during debrief, my client made a strange statement, which clearly indicated that a part of her was able to access a previous memory (not from her current life) because she stated during conversation that

“I’ve hurt all these people and I don’t have the right, I don’t want anyone to feel that pain again”.

I let her finish talking and allowed her to reflect, then repeated the words she had stated to me in the past tense. She said that she now knows her fear [of hurting/killing another person] comes from a past life, when she had taken many lives.

How what came up in the session relates to the client now.

The client said that she now knows this fear comes from a past life, that she had taken many lives, and was willing to make another appointment to explore this further. In her current life, she is constantly worrying about killing someone. Causing someone to grieve because of her actions, which she now understood were completely unfounded in this life.

She was also able to see and feel that there is nothing to be afraid of by dying, it is, in fact, the gateway to home. She admitted that it would have been easy to stay there forever.

Everything at home (heaven) is complete, there is only bliss.

Toni Reilly

With this case, the client has bypassed recalling a past life in detail and her soul has taken her home where we exist as a pure soul energy. When someone is granted this experience it alleviates the fear of death because they are reminded of where they come from before birth and will return to after death.

Her irrational fear of hurting or killing people was not addressed by visiting the actual past life where she killed others, however, during the healing phase of the session, her soul has given her insight that her current fear indeed is associated with a past life when killing was a normal part of that era.  Irrational fear still pervading her consciousness from then, is what likely attributes to her feeling anxious in current life and will diminish post this session.

Please bear in mind that sometimes my assimilations are possibilities that I put forward. During recall, the practitioner does not assume anything. Their job is to facilitate, question and move their client to ensure that the emotional discoveries resonate with the client experiencing their memories. – Toni Reilly

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