SoulLife® Philosophy
Guidance Cards

SoulLife® Philosophy card deck features 78 cards and detailed instructions and meanings in the guide book to provide you with guidance and clarity that you can trust. More


SoulLife® Philosophy
Card App

SoulLife® Philosophy App is a digital version of the 78 cards, it shuffles, you select 1, 5 or 7 cards to answer your questions… works seamlessly on your phone, iPad and computer. More 


SoulLife® Philosophy
Digital Bundle

Digital bundle includes SoulLife® Philosophy Card App + printable SoulLife® Journal + 1 Card a Day emailed to your inbox to learn to interpret the cards using your intuition. Get instant access. More


SoulLife® Recall
18 Guided Meditations

Heal Your Body Mind and Spirit through 18 unique meditations to clear phobias, guilt, heartache, moral affliction, raise self-worth, escalate confidence. Instant access to our digital platform. More 


Best Selling Book

Triple award winning international best seller by Toni Reilly AWAKE The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here is an overview of what we are really here for, candid explanations told through her life’s experiences More 

$7 – 25


Learn Your Life’s Mission
Online Training 

Do yourself a favour and find out how you are wired so you thrive not dive. SoulLife® Map – Learn Your Life’s Mission spells out your natural capacity and potential. Includes BONUS audio only More 

$97 usually $297

Recall Your Past Lives
On Demand Workshop 

Discover how and why my recall process works, I guide you to recall your past lives for self-healing, + questions and optional sharing. Instant access. Video + BONUS audio only More 


SoulLife® Recall Certificate
Online Training

SoulLife® Recall Certification online is the only training of this kind in the world where you learn the most powerful, transformational process in existence.. More 



SoulLife® Recall
Regression Session

This powerful exploration process makes now better. Recall core memories that have impacted you, from childhood, past lives or in-between lives.    Discover profound insight into your life and the reason why you are here. You can connect with a passed over loved one too. The process is natural, non-invasive and highly effective at clearing emotional, psychological and physical symptoms and trauma.  More 

$220 – $550

SoulLife® Map
Personal Consultation

SoulLife® Map is all about getting to know yourself, getting to love who you are so you have tools to confidently detour around situations that feel wrong and strategically put yourself in situations, careers, and relationships that feel right. More 


SoulLife® Coaching
Mentor Program

SoulLife® Coaching with Toni Reilly transforms your sixth sense (intuition) while releasing blocks and trauma so you can live an abundant life with purpose, confidence and love. Collaborate over six sessions so that you make real progress that lasts.  More