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In this book I share my stories and what I discovered through personal experiences; how I received clarity around my own challenges and how my beliefs and understanding of life emerged through my professional passion. Having facilitated thousands of people to recall past life memories or visit the soul life area where we are pure energy unrestricted by doctrines dictated by culture, society or religion, I can comprehend why we return in different bodies to live through encounters in life. I am delighted to have you to join me in discovering what life is all about. My hope is that it gives you a wonderful new perspective on yourself and the way of the world.

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Awake: The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here
John Winston | Jun 01, 2017

Awake: The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here by Toni Reilly is a breakthrough. The ending two sentences brought it back home to something I hold dear: that, “Our natural state is love. We love to love and to be loved.” I read self-help books occasionally and memoirs even less, so I had no Idea what to expect. In Awake I received the unexpected in a big way. things I’ve never thought about before about life, love, and relationships.

Reilly does a masterful job of blending pertinent accounts of her life with her unique philosophy in a way that is spellbinding; before you realize it you’re finished with this great little book and wanting more. There are loads of tidbits that direct us and at the same time makes us think deeply. Reilly tells us to, “Research what makes you tick, what ticks you off, and make peace with both aspects.”

In this great time of enlightenment most of us are looking for a little more than the “religion” of those that came before us, asking the biggest question of our existence; why are we here and what happens at the end of it all. At the very least Awake will answer a few questions, but it’s more likely to compel you to ask more questions and want to dig a little deeper.

As I was reading (it took less than a day), I wanted to pull people aside who happened to be in my orbit at the time and tell them about what I was reading, ask them questions. I decided when I reviewed it that the best way to encapsulate what it was about was to reveal some of its tasty fruits that were particularly relevant to me.

“Karma is not payback; rather, it is the opportunity to experience the many aspects of living.” Yes, dealing with that “revenge” or “deserves” attitude.

“At some stage every single one of us will be challenged by life.” And “Through acceptance we navigate challenging moments as an opportunity to learn by experience as a willing participant, not a victim.” When you accept this you find your mindset changes to a higher level. And oh, the victim mentality so prevalent in our society.

“I believe all experiences are planned, forcing us to feel by living through a wide and varied range of emotions. Feelings are what matter most; any story we tell loses impact once the emotions are recognised, felt, acknowledged then accepted.” There’s that world again: “Acceptance”

“Within what is known as the “New Age Movement” we often hear of the quest for enlightenment and unconditional love. Neither are achievable, nor are they the purpose of life. Our omnipresent soul is already enlightened and unconditional. Here we are supposed to get messy.” This is so good to contemplate and eventually know, especially the messy part.

“View each challenge as a puzzle piece providing the chance to grow into a complete jigsaw, able to expand with additional pieces at any time.”

In the meat of this to me, Reilly deals with past life regression, reincarnation, and a concept I loved called synchronicity and gives us some of her own fascinating accounts. In the end, I found Awake to be more than a self-help book or memoir but a fabulous resource, one to come back to again and again, a primer for something bigger to come. I will be digging into Reilly’s institute to learn more and standing in line for the next book.

 Love your book Toni
on 26 May 2017
Toni’s book speaks to us in quiet volumes. Meaning, one ‘gets it’ – many of us not able to express in words … Toni has done that for us. Being true to your soul. Trusting that intuition. Going with the flow. That word ‘trust’ following your own truth. De Ja vu moments are showing us we are on the right path no matter how weird it gets. It all about acknowledging, trusting, being real, quiet mind to receive the messages.
You soul knows…trust it. Love your book Toni

 on 7 July 2017

A beautiful look at the raw and real life of Toni Reilly. The honesty, the state of vulnerability and the wisdom is deeply appreciated. I resonated so deeply with parts of Toni’s journey that it made me laugh out loud, and with her soul philosophy which generated a peace from within.
I found comfort, joy, inspiration, wisdom and empowering moments within the pages of Awake, and I am so pleased to acknowledge a more expansive awakening from within simply by reading this book.
Thank you for your story Toni. xox

Awake has Awoken Me!
on June 23, 2017

Learn to Awaken Your Inner Self
on 25 May 2017

Have just read the first few pages and have acquired some incredible learnings and lessons that I intend to use in my future. Thank you Toni for this awakening book.

 on 28 May 2017
A very easy book to read. Interesting content, helpful links and thought provoking content. I highly recommend anyone on the path to understand themselves, to read Toni’s book.

Accepting life purpose
on 21 June 2017
What an enlightening read! My life journey has been somewhat similar, and this book truly made me feel connected to source.
Thank you Toni!

 on 21 July 2017
I found this book interesting all the way through and couldn’t put it down. I identified with several things she said.

Loved this!
on 8 June 2017
An easy read that resonated so so much. Thank u for sharing your life and your experiences to help others.

on 18 June 2017
Very easy to read, just like having a conversation with Toni
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