Procrastination Is Guidance

While the year is new and fresh make the most of these energies to follow through to complete what you have already started.  It might still be an idea, get on with it. Plan it out. An unfinished project is ripe for completion. Pull it out and you will be able to wizz through and finish.


The feeling of finishing something is soooo rewarding! I just finished the guidebook that accompanies these Philosophy Cards. It is ready for editing and laid out for print. 


I created these cards in 2016 as a tool for my Coaching diploma students. They read them intuitively so there was no need for a guide book.


Now they are going to be published they need a guidebook.  I started writing the guide in 2017 and could not get in the flow.  The last few days it streamed out like magic… viola!!


I am feeling on top of the world because I finished.  The universal energy is right for making things happen, you’ll likely feel more energetic than usual, channel it into something worthwhile.


I believe that when you don’t feel like it it is universal timing at play.


That is why I refuse to subscribe to the procrastination put down. It just gives another needless reason to be mean to yourself.  Stop doing that right now.


If you find yourself dicking about when deciding on a purchase or booking it’s your intuition holding you back either for something better (like a better deal) or it is not the right time.


It is the same with unfinished projects, you might have what you needed from them and there is no need to finish or I assure you, the compulsion will strike when it’s time to finish.


Toni x

PS:  If you feel like grabbing this new year by the horns and are looking for some mentoring, guidance, strategy and support click here to work with me.

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