A session with Toni helps overcome emotional bruises and live with purpose, confidence, love and healthy relationships.


  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Phobias / Fears
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Rejection
  • Betrayal
  • Abandonment
  • Recurring Dreams
  • Heartbreak / Grief


  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Going with the Flow
  • Happy
  • Purpose
  • Peace/Contentment


  • Life direction and blueprint
  • Strengths and challenges
  • Career options
  • Business or career strategy
  • Life purpose
  • Self-awareness
  • Family dynamics
  • Clarity
  • Personal Transformation

SoulLife Sessions with Toni are unique for each client.  She offers specialised techniques, combining mentoring, intuition, counselling and recall enabling you to feel empowered, aware, more confident and accepting of yourself and others to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

By understanding your circumstances together you will implement strategies to empower you, embracing peace of mind, vital health, success for your kind loving soul.

You may nominate any one of the following areas to focus on during your session or leave it to Toni to use the most useful effective techniques to solve your challenge.

SoulLife Recall
SoulLifeis various areas where you recall memories that have impacted you, from childhood, past or in-between lives.  This is a powerful process to eliminate anxiety, fears, phobias and obtain details to clear almost any issue.  SoulLife is Toni’s term for ‘home‘, the place our energy exists at all times even during our life here on earth.  A visit here connects you with your soul for profound insight into your life, or connect with a passed over loved one.

This sheds insight into your strengths and challenges in life and the career most suited to your unique personality and traits.  You can look at people close to you such as your children to assist in understanding each other. Affirmation of where you are in your life emotionally, physically and mentally.  Discover your life purpose.

SoulLife™ Mentoring
Interact together to develop strategies for business projects, creative ideas or personal transformation so you feel supported, accountable and stay on track. Single sessions or packages.

SoulLife™ Intuitive Guidance
Instills clairty, guidance and affirmation to empower you to take responsibility for your life. Interact together to reach solutions. Toni passes on messages or can answer specific questions you may have. You will leave feeling emotionally uplifted and lighter.

Seek guidance when you

  • feel at crossroads in life
  • have a big decision to make
  • need support through grief or heartbreak
  • seeking affirmation

Session Information
One session is often enough.  If multiple sessions would be beneficial this can be discussed during your consultation.

Face to Face Face to face sessions are available in Melbourne
Skype/Phone Anywhere in the world

30 minutes $260
60 minutes $360
90 minutes $460

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Toni Reilly is Australia’s leading Regression Facilitator.  She has pioneered a unique approach to Regression Therapy which is gentle and results in profound break through healing.  Her technique gets straight to the core, which can bring closure to longstanding issues that you may not necessarily be aware of.

toni-reilly-clients2We come to the school of life to experience and our circumstances while growing up affect us through life. This is not dredging up the past for the sake of it, it is about unlocking any area of your life that you may have buried to allow you to get on with your life with a more confident, philosophical, calm and accepting approach.

Toni has been influenced by pioneers in the field and is trained by renowned psychiatrist and author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Brian Weiss.  Toni has a case study in his latest book Miracles Happen.

A SoulLife™ Regression Session assists you to improve your life, one session can eliminate physical, emotional and mental symptoms and allow you deep insight of your life purpose. You may realise your self-worth and feel empowered by understanding yourself and others in your life. You can release patterns of behavior which may be stopping you from moving forward and leading a fulfilling life.

You may embrace talents which you have previously had. Regression works by accessing your subconscious (higher self or soul) which records your past life and soul memories. Your soul knows everything you have experienced in the many lives you have lead as well as your between life stages and all that information is available for you. This is achieved by being in a relaxed state when the mind can slow down from our day to day thinking, allowing you to see, feel and learn from your soul memories.

During a session, you may go to a memory in your current life, to a past life, between lives, or the SoulLife area that I call ‘home’. Usually you will go to more than one memory or lifetime. You will be guided to view significant events in the lifetimes you recall and we will gather information to facilitate a healing for you. It is possible that during the session you have a spiritual experience. Sometimes this means a guide or passed over loved one comes and communicates with you. We always go with what you are given as your soul knows what will benefit you most at the stage of life you seek regression.

It is ideal to come without expectations and with an open mind and trust that you will receive what is most relevant for you at the time. There is nothing to worry about, you are safe, the process is gentle and is very much like meditating. Whatever your lives have been, the ones you are reminded of will have residue which is affecting your current life. There is no telling which period in time you will go to, the conditions of your life, or even if you will be male or female. By viewing significant events and making the connection to behaviors and emotions which affect you now, you will understand your life today allowing you to release fears and patterns or embrace talents and improve life.

Results can be achieved for many issues and areas including:

  • love
  • relationships
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • phobias and fears
  • guilt and shame
  • recurring dreams
  • eating disorders
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • physical pain and health
  • fertility
  • assertiveness

Case Studies
Check our case studies here.

Sessions with Toni Reilly are available in Melbourne in Southbank.
For sessions in Brisbane or Sydney email for details.

Recording your session
You can record your session on your smart phone or other device or Toni will record it for you.

90 minutes $460

Discuss a Session
Email info@tonireilly.com.au
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