The Power of Meditation

If you feel drawn to develop your intuition and sixth sense the most powerful and beneficial practice you can do is meditate. The first thing that meditating brings is self-awareness, that means being comfortable and authentic with ourselves and this is of utmost importance… especially if you wish you use your innate abilities to work with other people.

I’ll make a rather embarrassing confession on this note: When I followed my drive to develop my senses and was directed to meditate there were two main things that happened. First, I was astounded at my abilities but even more surprising (downright alarming in fact) was how many ‘issues’ I had! Week after week I went along to meditation group and low and behold there would be something else.

Prior to starting to meditate in my mid 30’s my life was so busy, caught up with raising a family, working and running a house, living life. I once said out loud to someone very close to me, “I don’t have any issues”!!! Eeeeek that was denial at it’s best, covered up with a ridiculously busy schedule called life, I fooled myself that all was well with me. It wasn’t and that was when my soul-searching ramped up a few notches.

I can laugh now, and I know without question that personal growth continues the whole time we are here in the school of life.

Learning how you tick is key to being more tolerant of yourself and others and it is how collectively we will change the world, one by one.

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