Pick A Card #1


It actually doesn’t matter when you read this if you see this post in six months time the message will still apply. That is how energy and intuition work. You’ll read it at the time you need to hear it

Happy as a pig in mud.  Have you heard that saying?  Well, its time to assess your position and be truly honest with yourself about where you are at with your career or work prospects.  Some of you might be selected to lead or you may already be one and not want the responsibility.  Either way, have a think about what you really want and take action to put it into place.


What comes to me here is the energy of kindness, of gratitude and also of time out.  It took a moment, but what this is saying is don’t be the hero at home all the time, martyrs end up bitter and worn down in the long run.  If you are surrounded by family or housemates just be sure that everyone is pulling their weight.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t do things the same as you, just let them do it their way or if necessary show them how.  It is the balance that you are seeking.



The battle within might rear loud thoughts in your head.  If you are battling with a little voice that suggests someone is a challenge for you listen.  There is no need to get all worked up, but a little warning to be aware that you might have to stand your ground, please, do it with dignity and grace. That means, no with defense or blame, stick the facts and if you feel it is better to say nothing at all, do that.

Okay, so it appears that someone from your past will turn up.  It might be on social media, it might be a text or an email or it could even be on your doorstep.  Either way, they are a welcome reconnection.

When a bushfire rages through a forest or bush it clears all the debris, ripe for new growth to emerge from the ashes.  The plants propagate, ready to bloom into a new cycle. This is true for you too.  All clear, ready to embrace the new you. It’s a sweet time ahead.

The cards are from my SoulLife Philosophy Deck, set for release in the earlier part of this year.

The theme overall is CALM.

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Toni x

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