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Pick A Card Intuitive Guidance for the Week #16

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The energy here is about shifting your focus towards family and removing yourself as best as possible from work.  It is time to re-energise so that you have a break, and feel ready to start back with newfound direction and a plan.  This means, if you are cementing your presence at work, do that.  If you are planning to pull back and reduce your days, make that plan, ready to put it in motion.  Prepare is the word on this card, so think about how preparation fits into your work now.

The energy here is a mixture of emotion represented by the water in this image, but it is tempered by the cave, the rocks and dry space, which leads to a new opening.  So the message is… take a new approach to any family members who grate on you or challenge your sense of peace.  Let them be, pull back, take a breath and you will feel a lot better.  If I generalise with the energy around this time of year, I’d say that it will be a lot smoother than usual, given a new perspective of yours.

This card is equivalent to the lovers in traditional tarot, however, the energy of it tells me that you have finally realised that always being the nice one does not pay off.  You are kind, you are sweet, but you don’t always win as others are doing their own thing, which is not about you.  So, I feel that you are ready or have recently pulled your boundaries in and are willing to consider your own needs.  If you have not done this, do it.  Resetting boundaries is really quite simple, if you don’t want to, then say NO, if you do want to say YES… despite what anyone else thinks or how you would usually respond.

Something is about to have a positive outcome. You may have been expecting the worst and the result is actually beyond your expectations and this is a good thing. All you have to do is ride the wave of positive movement forward… Oh and there is a little kind reminder saying BE ASSERTIVE, you and your feelings matter as much as anyone else’s.

The energy here suggests that busy is what will transpire and it’s a good thing.  We’re talking feeling full of physical energy and enthusiasm.  I get a sense of a stream of creativity, whether it is clarity of the words or action you need to take, coming to your awareness with ease. It is like when you wake up and just know what you clearly need to do. There is lots to do and you can do it all with ease.  Revel in this space because it is free of anxiety and worry.

Cards from my SoulLife Philosophy Deck.

Bring on a great week.

Toni x

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These cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy deck.

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