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Pick A Card Intuitive Guidance for the Week #14

The messages for this week are ready.

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Two opposing scenarios here. First one is assurance that if you’ve been wanting to make a break towards self-employment, you are on point, on path and to begin following through to make this your reality.  If you are fulfilled within your current work situation, there is a calling to step up, you may well be given a heads-up that the new year brings more anonymity and you will love this!



This can be a chaotic time of year, you have been feeling like there is so much to do, and likely you have been crazily trying to over-achieve to ensure everything happens as you wish or usually do. Your message for this week, is to take a different approach, chill the hell out about old traditions (if they burden you). This week, at some point have some slacker time, say no to an event, quiet time is more important to rejuvenate your mind and body.



There will be an incident that forces you to react, you may respond the way you usually would or take a whole new approach. It is positive, you’ll be very impressed with yourself.

It might be that someone who usually grinds-your-gears and normally you react by defending yourself or berating them… you don’t even react, you just accept they are them and you are you and they can only spoil your day if you allow that. 



This week a milestone is reached, the culmination of events all synchronize in a way that the result is an unusual result. You’ll feel philosophical and sure that everything is aligned and inner peace is enhanced by a massive sigh of relief. It like a rebirth of you.




Results are about to come to light. Unfinished business will resolve itself,  perhaps you hear news where a case is closed and a resolution is finally a reality. There is an element of uncertainty the clears, replaced by clarity. A fast resolution which will be a pleasant surprise.



The theme of this week is completion.

Toni x


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