Pick A Card #8

Heres our cards for the week… I’ve just finished these one’s last minute!

Just a reminder that it doesn’t matter when seeing the cards because the way energy works they will be relevant to you at the time you picked the card, 1 2 3 4 or 5.


Bringing two aspects together is what is required at the moment.  It could be mediating between colleagues or departments. There is also a calling for your unique input, so don’t be shy no matter what your status is.


Realise that life is in constant flux, you may have felt blissful last week and the next feel flat.  This is a reminder that each person you live with is the same, you all pick up on each other as well, so be tolerant and be mindful that the less desirable feelings will pass.



Uplifted confidence is what is blaring out here.  You have been noticed, and most likely it is by yourself, that is, you have seen how amazing you are or given yourself credit for your achievements.  Well done!


Cracks in the plan. When there are cracks appearing in the plan they are a calling to ask you to adapt. Withdraw for a while and reflect on what has to change and what you need to do to implement that.  It could mean letting something go altogether or a key new idea being implemented.



There are people who truly value you and want to help.  Ask if you need anything and it will transpire through people you are already in touch with, likely a friend or colleague returning from your past.


My SoulLife Philosophy Deck, is coming along so amazing, the graphic design and guidebook are almost ready… so the cards will be available soon!

Toni x

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