Pick A Card #51

This is the second last pick a card for 2019! Bring on 2020, with its kind and heartfelt energy… 

This week I am coming to you from Huntington Beach in California and next week is another special place! I will reveal that to you next week.

Lets go with the cards … Intuitively choose 1 2 3 4 or 5.


This week, there is a rush of new information that changes the direction you were heading in.  It could mean an additional element to your project or a better way of presenting or hosting it.


Looks like you are in demand, plenty of people like having you around. Be sure you don’t spread yourself too thin this week and while you are naturally nurturing of others you will benefit from considering your own needs too.



You have done a lot of work on yourself, it could be said that you are self-aware and you are, however, there is a little tiny piece of the past that will test you this week.  Let it in, feel it, see it clearly than you have ever been able to before. This is an epiphany.


Someone is going to make an impact on you.  This could be hearing from a friend from long ago, or the opposite, a new person stepping into your realm and they are critical to your future.



This is warm and fuzzy, like being feeling super content with your family or friends or in your workplace, (it could be all three), you feel like you belong, not awkward, not worried, welcome and loved.


Watch the video version here.

Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck

Toni x

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