Pick A Card #48

This week I am trying something different.  I have a guest reader contributing your messages!

She is a friend of mine who lives in the US, we Facetimed, I shuffled the deck and she selected by random numbers (like, get card 27, now card 3… and I would count into the cards, that is how we selected the cards, then she intuited a message for each.

If you are a mentoring client or past or present student of mine, and would like to test out your intuition then I invite you to put your hand up to be a featured guest when these philosophy cards become available in hard copy. The will also be a digital app. All you have to do is email if you are keen.

On with the cards … Intuitively choose 1 2 3 4 or 5.


Take the time to reflect before making decisions and think clearly before you act. Very strong message to think before you speak.


This time is for shedding, letting go of baggage that no longer serves you.  It’s like a snake shedding its skin, and being reborn, Give up self-pity it’s time to move forward.


It is your time to shine, you are flourishing and are a beacon for others, they are drawn to you like a moth to the flame because of the energy you exude. You’re inspiring them with your insight.


If you are single, be cautious of who you meet over the coming week they might be the frog as opposed to the prince/princess. If you’re not single, now is the time to stop putting off things you have been delaying.  Take action.


There is a settled feeling here, outcomes will be more desirable than expected. Don’t rush. It is important to take your time to slow down to achieve your desired results.


Watch the video version here.

Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck

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