Pick A Card #47

Happy Monday! Today is my youngest daughters birthday,  Coco turns 20. She was born in 1999, so just made it bore the century clicked over.  I am making birthday breakfast and will have all 3 of my kids together, I’m excited!

On with the cards … Intuitively choose 1 2 3 4 or 5.

On the survival front… you need to be discerning, not afraid, not distrustful, just look deeper at what is going on around you.  Notice if it all aligns with what makes your heart sing.  You can detach from drama and that alone can make things way better.


Looks like you will feel some form of ease, it could be an offer of living nearer to where you work, or, it could be grand scale, a change towards fulfilling your dreams.  Could mean travelling to a remote place, reflecting and embracing a new path.


Light bulb moment coming up!  You can’t make these up, they strike when you least expect, usually they are so simple you wonder why you did not ‘get it’ before… but you got it now!  And that is all that counts.


You’ll find assistance in a niche, through someone you never considered, who is the perfect fit, including a mirror of your thoughts, values and beliefs on a certain situation or vision. A meeting of the minds, so to speak.


This week is all systems go for you.  You will find yourself sought out for support, being invited to gatherings and generally being in demand and social.  It’s a fun week ahead.


Watch the video version here.

Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck

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