Pick A Card #46

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Today is remembrance day 11 of the 11th… it is also the launch of Awake TV Network. It’s a kind of Netflix that streams live so you can interact with the teachers. These SoulLife Philosophy Cards will feature quite heavily in series 1.

My show is called Wake Up! and will focus on building, using and trusting your intuition. It airs 11am Wednesday’s AEST which is 6pm Tuesday’s PST 

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On with the cards … intuitively choose 1 2 3 4 or 5.

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You might feel a little left out or on your own this week. If there is office politics you are better off steering clear and know that it is best to detach and leave the drama behind.


There is a blessing in your personal life, revel in support, offers and generosity.  You may be the receiver or giver.  There is a lot of love surrounding you, laughter, good news, a feeling of belonging.


Being on your own is not that bad, it indicates that you have had a breakthrough, indicating a feeling of contentment in your own company, and of your own abilities. Confidence rising and moving past a rough time.


Beware of anyone who attempts to undermine your efforts. Stand your ground if need be, and simply continue to build solid foundations in your world, mind your own business and turn a blind eye to envy.


Make way for a fresh approach. Old ideas, even successful ones, might fall away to make way for a new very exciting way ahead.. An opportunity will be presented that might mean leaving people who are important to you.  A big decision.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck

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