Pick A Card #43

Intuitively choose 1 2 3 4 or 5.

With work or an entrepreneurial project something arises, unexpectedly, takes you by surprise and will mean you must act, make a quick decision, this might put you out of your comfort zone, whether that means speaking up when you are usually quiet, or having to make a big move.


Things are looking rosy on the home front, it seems you have learned to balance your thoughts and emotions into a less volatile change, what I mean is, not feeling as affected by a certain thing that would usually annoy you.  This is a true step towards personal contentment.


One of the most key qualities this energy speaks of, is the ability to inspire, care for, lead, or manage others with a softness that goes perfectly well with leading by example yet being a tower of strength. You can wear your heart on your sleeve with pride, you have nothing to hide.


There is highly likely a time during the week where you go blank, or are forced to sit back and relax (could be a cold, headache or feeling lethargic). Honour your body and your mind and give yourself the break that it is being demanding from you. Does this mean a sickie? Maybe :0)


Some shedding has occurred recently and now it is making sense.  If finances have been a struggle, they are about to regenerate and the best thing is, you can see the purpose behind this challenge you have come through, you have a new appreciation of why it all got so low. Boom, you’ve had an epiphany, a self-awareness moment.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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Self-awareness is the ultimate activism.

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