7 Emotion OPTIONS SoulLife® Philosophy Card

Pick A Card #37

I am a little late this week as have done a ten hour road trip from my parents property in North Queensland back to Brisbane.  I adore the city, love the buzz, love the sounds, love the vibrancy. I am really blessed to have special friends too! More about that in a separate email.

Intuitively choose 1 2 3 4 or 5.


This indicates more than one way to go.  There may be several or at least two projects or opportunities offered to you this week, ONE will be stronger, but I am not certain it is the best.  Use your intuition to decide which deserves your energy. 


There could be some swaying.  Maybe a little disruption, nothing serious, but like the bed breaking and you might need to sleep on the couch. Be graceful and adapt however you are called to this week.



Appears there is someone very compatible looking at you.  If you’re single or not, your energy is filled with natural charisma because you are in a good place at the moment.  Smile at everyone and watch how many moods lift because of that.


It seems you are in the firing line for even more.  There has been some miraculous occurrences for you lately, little or big they seem to have arrived unexpectedly, this card says… there is at least one more fabulous thing about to be presented to you.



Support is all around you right now.  If you have been hibernating, it is time get with some trusted friends so that you can debrief all the happenings of late.  Get deep, and reveal where you have been at within yourself and they will do the same. The relief will feel like a weight lifts.

Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

Watch the video version here

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Toni x

Self-awareness is the ultimate activism.

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