Pick A Card #29

Pick A Card #29 is here, all you have to do is choose 1 2 3 4 or 5 and read your message.  The intention is to enhance your self awareness, and to trust your own intuition.

I am seeing this as an emotional dip followed by a positive outcome. Let me elaborate, something you have felt upset or stressed about will resolve or more so dissolve into a new solid opportunity.

If you find yourself feeling under the weather, then take time off to recuperate your energies.  Let your mind take a break. Do not soldier-on, take some downtime.

You are being called to look at yourself from a new perspective.  Assess what is on your mind at the moment and causing angst or stress, then go so far as to take the opposite approach to what you have been and you’ll see the tables turn.

The arrival of an important person.  They might provide emotional support or nurture you with insightful knowledge that alters what you have been working towards or you may do this for someone else.  Be kind, be generous.

The battle within may rise this week in the form of feeling that you are not quite up to scratch.  You are great, this reminder is that you make the difference because you are the unique square peg in the proverbial round hole.  Revel in your own creative flow.  There is no-one else like you.

Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck. The images are photographs taken by Sheree Klaproth in Australia or New Zealand.

Self-awareness is the ultimate activism….see you next week

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Toni x

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