Pick A Card #28

For week is 28 … Which one will you choose 1 2 3 4 or 5?


The main energy here is asking you to look the other way, AKA; mind your own business. Think about how your actions are affecting others.  There is no need to put people offside because they don’t meet your expectations, especially about things that really don’t matter.


Home is your haven.  Your home provides the means for the next steps for you.  It may mean setting up a workspace at home and creating your visionary dream from there. For others, you may have to move to a space that adequately provides exactly what you need right now.



You are about to reach a pinnacle in your personal growth.  Realisations have been made where you can no longer see a certain situation as you used to.  This is a brilliant revelation and set you up to share with others.


It appears there is a calm before the storm, not a tumultuous storm but a blast of motivation, energy and passion that completes a major work in progress. That work in progress could be you personally or something that you have been working on for a long time. Either way, take this calmer pace for what it is meant for and tie up any loose ends.



If there has been a struggle of late, there is now a renewed calm within.  Anxiety or stress has left and is replaced with acceptance with a wiser outlook.  Expect what you need to show up in one form or another. 


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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Self-awareness is the ultimate activism….

Toni x

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