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Pick A Card #27

The cards and messages are ready for week 27 …
Which is calling you, 1 2 3 4 or 5?

This card has shown up many times lately in various positions.  This time the message is to go out on a limb, step out of your comfort zone.  Taking a risk is the only way to make way for a new approach, a different routine, and meet your mission.


There is an evolution in your thinking that makes you see your family different.  Perhaps for the very first time in your life, you can see a parent for who they really are; another vulnerable person in the scheme of life.


You are beginning to see acknowledge your inner-knowing, your wisdom and the value that you bring to peoples lives.  It may be the first time you truly believe that you are a beautiful being, who makes a difference with your kindness, insights and by knowing when to listen, when to hug, or when to sit back. You are brilliant with people.


Limelight is calling you.  Stop hiding, get yourself ready for exposure in whatever way that calls you.  Get your hair done, buy or borrow a new outfit, makeover your outer appearance and lift your inner world and confidence.  You are about to be sought out, you already know your content back to front so on a physical level, get ready.


If you have been waiting for an outcome to be finalised, there is positive news heading your way. The right thing will be done, your fight for fairness and what is right will pay off.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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Self-awareness is the ultimate activism….see you next week.

Toni x

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