Pick A Card #23

Here are the cards for this week 23 … Which one will you choose 1 2 3 4 or 5?


Where work may have been stagnant or you weren’t sure which way to move, this card suggests the arrival of someone important. It could mean a new colleague, a new investor, or labour hire person to help you.  It could even be a conversation which is motivating.


The sea of comfort over your home life at the moment. Clarity is arriving at home, not about home, AT home. So, you might be watching something on Netflix that triggers knowing what to do next.  It could be anything from knowing that you’ve felt depressed to that you have been unfairly treated. Its like a revelation that is really good for you moving forward.


Realise your potential. Be mindful of your self-talk, DO NOT be referring to yourself in the negative, none of this “oh I’m so hopeless”, OR “oh I am so forgetful” OR “I am silly”, instead just say “ooops! and let it pass” This week, be mindful of how many times you put yourself down and STOP IT for good.


You will be presented with an opportunity which will require some deep thought in regards to if it is right for you.  So if this is a social invite, maybe you are to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  If this is a work project, don’t hesitate to do it if the only thing stopping you is that you are not sure of your capability… then,  just do it.  you will do well!



Apparently, there has been a veil of sorts fogging the way ahead.  It’s as though the light is there, the end of the tunnel is in view.   It may not be as you expected but that’s okay, it is likely an even more appealing outcome.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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