Pick A Card #25

Here are the cards for this week 25 … Which one will you choose 1 2 3 4 or 5?


Be clear with where you want to be in your career.  If there is tension in your workplace, then read the signs.  Something has to change, or more so, you have to change something.  Either speak up, or start looking at moving towards what you really want to do. 


Thoughts of comfort and what makes you feel refreshed in your home are causing research into a better place to live or if you are happy in your home you might change something, like get a new couch or new cushions.  Alter the energy in your home.



Finding solace in your own company is a great achievement. Being alone and feeling lonely are two different scenarios which you seem to have made peace with.  Looking to a partner to avoid feeling lonely is simply a band-aid and cover-up for not liking yourself.  You like yourself!


Now is the time to laser focus.  There is one outstanding thing that needs your full attention.  Remove all distractions and options to the way forward is clearly defined and set up for success instead of a confusing, ill thought out mess. 



An incredible light at the end of a tunnel is here.  You have put an extraordinary amount of effort over a long time into building something and it is complete.  Your vision is ready to be received by others. Take it to the next level.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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