Pick A Card #24

Here are the cards for this week 24, I wasn’t sure I would get them to you as I had a bit of a tower experience which has thrown my schedule into turmoil.

Yesterday my car wouldn’t go, well it did, but the accelerator did nothing. I was setting off on a two-hour drive. The electronics shut my car accelerator down. Ugh!

My reaction:

1. Confusion, is this really happening? Under breath cursing.

2. Roll the car out of the way and Google the fault. Feel relieved it did not happen on the freeway.

3. Return to my friend (whose house I was leaving from) and ramble the unbelievable story out.

4. Let my other friend know I won’t make it to our planned meeting.

5. Ponder synchronicity and debrief extensively the possible deeper meaning.

6. Accept that for whatever reason, either I wasn’t meant to be on the road or need to be here.

7. Chill out and wait until tomorrow to sort out with the car warranty.

8. Think about and plan for changing appointments and schedule IF fixing this is not an option tomorrow.

Fast forward to today:

My car had to be towed to the service provider.  The diagnosis not good, an expensive repair and warranty only ran out 6 weeks ago.  They went to order the part overnight, but it is a public holiday in Sydney… so Wednesday they will fix it.  I was supposed to be in the Gold Coast for a full day of clients tomorrow, I had to change them all. Sigh.  What can you do but go with it!

I don’t have my deck so am choosing them digitally and won’t do the video. Here goes.


This week seems to be a paradox of emotional good, like celebrating or hearing about an upcoming pay increase or bonus and potential reflection that makes a colleauge sad, you might need to do some comforting.


There are so many ideas, and options for where to live, what to do, how to live lean, generous friends, couch surfing options, house sitting offers.  So many.  Let you intuition rule with that is best for you.


I have a sense of feeling somewhat alone, yet strong and proud of yourself and how much you can endure.  It’s about being independent and doing new things for yourself, perhaps that you did not realise you were capable of, but you are!


Tables are turning, where something has been sporadic, non-existent or even completely off your radar is coming to light this week and it’s a good thing!  Could be an influx of money, a generous offer or the seconding or support of a fabulous new place to work.



It’s coming.  What you have been waiting for is almost here.  If its news, you’ll hear this week.  If it’s funding, you’ll hear this week.  If its that you had an idea, the motivation will strike!  Go for it.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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