Pick A Card #19

It’s Pick A Card time, I am a day late this week as it was a long weekend in Queensland.  Better late than never, don’t they say? These cards are my gift to you where I use my intuition reading my soul life philosophy cards for you.  There is a difference between me intuiting messages from these cards or you doing it!  I’d love to teach you how to do this.


The perfect alliance.  A person to work with where the partnership is the correct balance, where one has what the other doesn’t and you each understand one another with no friction. If you’re wondering about taking a new position or making a decision related to your work then this is a positive affirmation.


DESTINY is a complete assurance that you are on the right track. No matter what your living arrangement are you’re right where you’re meant to be now. This also indicates a precious relationship is forming.



This card says CAPABLE and the energy this week is one of confidence, faith in yourself and your abilities.  You are a beautiful nurturing person who needs a reminder how much you do for others.  Take care of yourself as well!


There is a sense of equilibrium right now.  These last couple weeks have been topsy turvy, finally, acceptance has arrived and because you have, the way forward is smooth and you are assured that going with the flow is vital.



You’re in for a pat on the back.  Someone has been watching you on the sidelines and is about to let it be known.  This is especially relevant for those of you who work for yourselves.


Cards are from my SoulLife® Philosophy Deck.

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Toni x

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