Pick A Card #15

Week 15 of Pick A Card! We are almost 4 full months into the year.  What a trip this one has been. I am seeing many, if not all of us being pushed, to alter perspective, either you can accept that change is required or fight it and be forced towards new ways of thinking, new ways to make money, new ways to feel fulfilled.  Do your best to go with it.

There are three 7’s in the cards this week, and when I was studying tarot I read that three 7’s pointed to TRUE LOVE.  So there must be a general romantic or relationship based focus this week! We all love a bit of love or loving.


If you have been thinking about what you want to do, it looks like there is a winning direction.  This will mean, at the very least, your next steps are clear. Make your list and following through with it. 


The living arrangements might have been tumbled around recently.  Just know, that any disruption has happened to guide you towards an environment mare aligned with you and what fills you with contentment.



Imperative at the moment that you start looking at life through your unique vision, NOT through anyone else’s no matter how close they are to you.  I don’t mean you have to ignore your partner, but you are seeing yourself and an individual in any partnership. Bring your unique energy to all alliances. You might need to set some new boundaries to regain your identity.


I see this as someone retiring to your life, likely someone you knew a long time ago.  It could be a fleeting reunion (like a message on social media) or it could be a full revision and continuing where you left off last time you were communicating. This is exciting!



This strong calling is to notice how much support there is around you.  It might be a retail person, or mechanic that helps you out or this could be family or friends swooping in to lend a hand or provide support to you. Ge grateful, and accept their generosity.


The cards are from my SoulLife Philosophy Deck, set for release in the earlier part of this year.

View the cards on YouTube here.

Toni x

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