Pick A Card #11

It is week 11 of 2019 already! The energy, in general, is pushing you to match your mission, therefore insecurity and fears from long ago are resurfacing.

If you have dealt with them, they will be easy to recognise and work through as a little test.

If you’re still working through or are unaware of what the push is, then circumstances will seem harsh.

This is happening because facing up is the only option, so tackle the situation head-on and watch everything fall into place, like a complete jig-saw puzzle.

Cards messages are.


Formal training or study is required to step into the next level of existing employment or to embark on self-employment.  


A strike of clarity, reveals the solution to create harmony in your living situation. For some it means relocating and for others backing off and bending or ditching rules that no longer fit.


The battle to live in contentment is being won. Withdrawing from foolish drama is the key. Stop talking about a tired old story and you’ll starve it of energy and naturally move on.


The calm before the storm. You might surprise yourself by actually getting so angry you are able to state your opinion freely when usually you would sit on the fence or keep it to yourself. High five!!


Something you have put your heart and souls into for a long time is about to pay off, perhaps through recognition which directly improves your finances.


The cards are from my SoulLife Philosophy Deck

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Sending support energies

Toni x


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