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A personal approach to a
productive, co-operative work environment.

SoulLife® PEOPLE POWER is a 1 Day Program for Creating Highly Effective Teams.

1 day Program
up to 10 participants

Our People Power program helps you become aware of your innate traits, strengths and challenges, so you can use them effectively and effortlessly to your advantage both personally and professionally.

 – Your best operating style –
– Deeper insight into yourself –
– Your potential capabilities –
– Roles or tasks that squash your potential –
– Roles and tasks which motivate you –

Highly Effective Teams

Knowing yourself at a deeper level creates empathy and tolerance for others. This ripples out to nurture highly effective teams of people, who feel good about themselves and what they contribute. 

Conflict Resolution

Reduce or eliminate conflict by engaging on a personal level to create cohesion in the workplace.  People are naturally empathetic so it makes sense to leverage that.

Self Awareness Leads to Great People

When you operate at your optimal capacity… at a personal level, you’re an empowered individual who ripples positive energy through the workplace. This instantly increases your own performance and the performance of people around you.

People drive success, failure and fluctuation in business. Our business is people.  SoulLife People Power is a specialised program nurturing a co-operative team.  Our intuitive, personal approach produces a cohesive crew who want to work at their peak capacity.


It begins with self-awareness to discover the version of you who is liberated from thoughts of self-doubt and fuelled with confidence.  You create an environment of empowered people ready to perform.


Side step dull drawn out training with our highly interactive program, engaging you to know your innate strengths and challenges.


Transform into the most effective leader and team member you can be!

Our focus …

Personally Personal

We work together with you and your team during this day, uncovering innate traits (the ones you can’t change). We strategise with the team members to uncover their best advantage.  To wrap it all up each participant will have a private one on one intuitive breakdown of where they are at with Dr Toni Reilly.


Personality management and Expectations

Personal Potential

Discovering individual strengths and unique challenges

Self Awareness

Reclaiming your personal power

Building self-esteem

Highly Effective Team

Tailored solutions and strategies for your team

Introducing Dr Toni Reilly

Dr Toni Reilly is the creator of SoulLife® Coaching, Programs Seminars and Training, an intuitive approach to personal transformation.  She is an author, speaker, seminar leader and an internationally recognised Recall Facilitator.


As a SoulLife® Coach for more than 12 years she has guided thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation; helping people value themselves so they can achieve reach their potential overcoming emotional bruises, to live and work with purpose and confidence.


Dr Toni founded the Toni Reilly Institute to empower people.  Her programs are one of it’s kind in the world so that you become the most confident version of yourself.


Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni’s success in business, making her a great role model to her participants, with many from highly respected professional backgrounds in all fields from Scientists, Psychologist to CEO’s of multi-billion dollar Companies, to stay at home Mums, Blue Collar workers, Doctors and Nurses.


Dr Toni presents in her trademark light hearted style. She stands by her belief that self-awareness and personal development is how to reach your potential and become the best version of yourself.

How the SoulLife™ approach is different and why it works

Human psyche and behaviour addressed traditionally miss the critical key component to transforming at the core.  They fail to consider that we are energetic people ruled by emotion.  We delve into the metaphysical aspects to allow a broad, all encompassing insight into people. 

Grabbing their individual thread of potential and weaving it to advantage in the workplace creates a co-operative, productive and successful work culture.

You’ll be surprised how easily this program makes you feel different from the inside out.

Leave with a calmer, yet empowered approach in the work environment and a powerful perspective on yourself and leadership.

Get ready to enjoy a more balanced life through self management.

Considering we spend more time at work than at home it makes sense to for the workplace as harmonious as possible.

1 day Program
up to 10 participants



talk to Toni direct on +61 413 088 970
or email team@tonireillyinstitute.com