Self loathing

This case study was submitted by a graduate of SoulLife™ Regression Facilitator Training. I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using Past Life Regression Therapy. Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.


The client wanted to understand why he had difficulty loving himself.


He was in a war in the 1940’s and fighting against the Germans. He was a sniper and was confident in his abilities. Although there was chaos and destruction around him and he was alone, he felt confident and secure within.

He was taken to a hospital at 24 years of age after a bomb went off and injured him. Even though he was surrounded by people in the hospital he felt completely alone, and he died with that feeling.


This client recognised the significance for him around learning to be alone.

LESSON  (from the client's soul not the therapist)

You can feel completely safe and happy when on your own, and lonely in a group of people.

MESSAGE (from the client's soul not the therapist)

I need to learn to stand on my own and define myself through other people.

This client has asked about self-loathing, his soul has directed him to this particular life so he can witness when he felt confident and secure, a reminder like this may boost his confidence in life now and the paradox where he has lost control of his health, at the hands of others means he likely will benefit by learning to open up to letting people in and to trust heir intents.  This can relate back to self-worth, given that he was killing people his subconscious may feel that he is not a good person. Of course he is.

Feeling alone is a common finding during regression, people often see various lifetimes where loneliness features.  We come here alone and we leave alone and the challenge is finding contentment with who we are and not needing others to feel good about ourselves.

The memory recalled generally allows these changes to fall into place within the persons psyche without extra effort from them.  Self-worth very likely has more than one memory to explore in past and current life.

Please note that these are possibilities that I am putting forward. During regression the therapist does not assume anything and their job is to facilitate, question and move their client to ensure that the emotional discoveries resonate with the person experiencing their memories. - Toni Reilly

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