Strikingly Similar Accounts of Past Life Regression | Case Study

The story of two people recalling almost identical lives

This story is true, written by one of my graduates from the SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program Course.

This is his experience, along with another participant in the same course!


The following article describes an instance where two people who had never previously met under-went past life regression by the same facilitator in separate sessions held on two consecutive days.

Neither of them knew the subject matter or the outcome of each other’s regression beforehand. Curiously, both managed to produce strikingly similar accounts, and not only that, but their story also throws up some surprising synchronicities along the way.

The sessions were conducted during a Past Life Regression Facilitator’s training course and took place on July 25th and July 26th, 2014.

In the first case study, the subject (male) described being on a small, perfectly-rounded island off the coast of Australia. There were lots of neighbouring islands, giving the impression of a location somewhere like the Torres Strait Islands off the northern tip of Queensland, or the Northern Territory. There was a definite sense that it was somewhere ‘Australian’ so that would rule out places such as Papua New Guinea or the Islands of the Pacific.

In this past life, the subject was a highly-revered tribal chief and shamanic healer. During regression, he was taken to a significant life event in which he saw himself taking part in some kind of initiation ceremony. He was aware that he was about to be entrusted with a closely-guarded secret which was only ever passed between father and son and that it was connected to the subject of sacred astrology.

As the session continued the subject was able to come up with specific details about the precise nature of this secret. It involved the Sun, the planet Venus and the star Sirius. He also revealed that the position of these heavenly bodies was of great significance when enacting sacred rituals because whenever they formed a particular planetary alignment this opened up a powerful portal which facilitated renewal and healing. Information as to the timing of this alignment was vague, but the subject was led to believe that such events only took place maybe once or twice a year when Sirius and Venus rose together on the horizon in conjunction with the Sun.

The second case study involved a female subject, and whilst not as detailed as the first, it nevertheless describes a very similar past life as an Indigenous Australian tribesman, who was also a “father of his people” as well as a mystic and a healer. Again, sacred astrology played a significant role in healing rituals.

As with the first case study, the position of the planets and the stars dictated when certain ceremonies could take place.

Because both past life accounts produced some very specific information about a ‘specialized’ subject the participants knew very little about (i.e. Astronomy), it was decided to conduct some background research to see if there was any supporting evidence which might add some weight to their story.


About Sirius
Sirius is the brightest star in the Milky Way and was well-known to many ancient civilizations, including indigenous Australians. Sirius is actually a binary star, in other words, it is composed of two stars which revolve around a common mass (unlike the Sun, which is a single star.) Sirius A is the larger and brighter of the two stars whereas Sirius B is what is known as a dwarf star and forms a dark shadow behind its larger companion – meaning that it is not visible from Earth.

The Dogon tribe of West Africa has known about the existence of Sirius A and B for over 3000 years, long before the invention of the telescope and advances in modern astronomy. This is borne up by ancient drawings and documents which show a small black star (Sirius B) forming an elliptical-shaped orbit around a much larger and brighter star (Sirius A) Maps pinpoint its position in the constellation of Canis Major. According to the Dogon, who were believed to be of Egyptian descent, Sirius was regarded as the “Giver of Life”. Similarly, in certain South American, Asian and Indigenous Australian cultures the appearance of Sirius together with the Sun low on the horizon signified that it was time for sowing seeds and planting crops. Knowledge of astronomy was therefore essential for the tribe’s survival because a poor harvest resulted in food shortages and starvation.

How these ancient civilizations could have known about the existence of Sirius, long before the invention of astronomical instruments, remains a mystery. By comparison, it was 1844 before Western scientists were able to positively identify Sirius B for the first time, 1862 before they were able to observe it through a telescope and as recently as 1970 before they were able to photograph it.

(Source: http://www.unmuseum.org/siriusb.htm)

Sirius and the Ancient Egyptians
The Ancient Egyptians associated Sirius with the Goddess Isis and, indeed, the Great Pyramid of Giza was aligned to Sirius. There are some who contend that the Pyramid of Giza is aligned other sacred and religious sites around the World, such as Stonehenge in England, the Aztec pyramids and even to Uluru here in Australia. However, this may be nothing more than conjecture. What is known for certain is that the annual flooding of the River Nile ensured fertility and prosperity for the year ahead and without it the harvest would fail, bringing with it the likelihood of pestilence and famine The Egyptians also knew that the flooding coincided with what is known as the heliacal eclipse of Sirius. In other words, the one day in the year when Sirius appeared briefly on the horizon at precisely the same time as the Sun, making it visible for only a few short minutes.
(Source: www.wikipedia.org)

Amazingly, the date on which the heliacal eclipse of Sirius occurs is July 26th – the very same date as Subject 2’s past life regression!

The Lion’s Gate Portal
In some ancient traditions, as well in present-day New Age circles, the appearance of Sirius Rising in conjunction with the Sun and in alignment with Venus held a special significance. It marked the Sun’s transit into the astrological sign of Leo and opened a portal known as the Lion’s Gate. This remained open until August 12th and was considered to herald in an auspicious period of renewal, healing and personal growth. In his past life regression, Subject 1 made a direct reference to a portal which was somehow connected to Sirius and Venus. Subject 2 also mentioned that there was a direct connection between sacred astronomy and healing. Since they possess no recorded history, it is difficult to establish whether this was a commonly-held belief among early Indigenous Australians. However, it does provide compelling evidence that many contemporary cultures knew that Sirius opened up some kind of mysterious “gateway”.

As a synchronistic event, an astrological alignment involving Sirius, Mercury, Venus and the Sun took place on July 22nd-23rd, 2014. This may not be significant in itself, but given the fact it also coincided with the first day of our course, perhaps its well-timed appearance was no accident?

The following information on planetary influences for July 2014 was found on a website devoted to the subject of Geocosmic Archetypal Integrative Astrology and makes reference to yet another gateway or portal with Sirius/Venus/Sun associations. Moreover, it provides yet another example of the how the forces of synchronicity can operate in unexpected ways
“Divine purpose, our unique role in the new creation, is realized at the July 22-23 Leo-Aquarius Gate of Inspiration when there is a great influx of spiritual (avataric) awareness that will raise world consciousness and awaken all to the higher purpose of the soul. As this Gate opens on July 22 Mercury will align with the bright star Sirius and Venus rising before the Sun. This year’s heliacal rise of Venus and Sirius marks the beginning of a new Summer of Love that signals the dawning of the Aquarian Age”

(Source http://gaiaastrology.com/moon-magic/)

Note the date JULY 23RD, 2014

Venus and its place in Aboriginal Astronomy
Particular reference was made in Subject 1’s regression to the planet Venus and its importance in healing rituals, especially when it was observed to be rising in close proximity to the Sun on the horizon.

The following information was found on Wikipedia under the heading of “Aboriginal Australian Astronomy”.

“The rising of Venus marks an important ceremony of the Yolngu tribe, who call it Barnumbirr (“Morning Star and Evening Star”) They gather after sunset to await the rising of the planet. As she approaches, in the early hours before dawn, the Yolngu say that she draws behind her a rope of light attached to the island of Baralku* on Earth and along this rope, with the aid of a “Morning Star Pole”, the people are able to communicate with their dead loved ones, showing that they still love and remember them”

*Baralku was considered to be the island of the dead.

It would appear that this practice is more or less confined to the Yolngu people and its associated clans. Further investigation reveals that the Yolngu homelands are located in Arnhem Land*, a remote corner of the Northern Territory. It also contains a number of small, offshore islands, a similar landscape to that described by Subject 1.

*Yolngu territory encompasses the remote settlements of Milingimbi Island, Elcho Island and of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is bordered by Kakadu National Park to the West.

This ties in with both the description and the geographical location given by Subject 1 in his past-life aggression. Subject 2 also attested to a similar Indigenous Australian connection. In both cases, they mention sacred astronomy, which as we have seen, is still practised in modern-day Yolngu rituals.


Based on the evidence, it would appear that Indigenous Australians definitely incorporated sacred astronomy into their ancient healing rituals and that they were especially aware of the significance of Sirius when it aligned with certain planets. It is perhaps no accident that the regressions took place on the precise date when the heliacal eclipse of Sirius occurs (July 26th) or that the course itself commenced on the very same day as an alignment involving all the planets which were mentioned in the past life regression. And who would have guessed that an indigenous tribe which venerates Venus Rising still exists in roughly the same geographical area?

Of course, this still does not provide any kind of concrete proof that past lives such as the ones described definitely existed. But there again, it doesn’t need to – plus, it would miss the whole point of what past life regression therapy is really about. In my view, it certainly makes the work we do a little more “interesting”, but no more than that. And that’s precisely how it should be.

Neil did a wonderful job, researching this.  Feel free to comment.

Toni x

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